B Movies Making a Comeback? [Video]


When I watched the Today show, I heard about a Syfy movie Sharknado. WTF? What is this Syfy creating all these B-Movies, yet somehow they are so bad that they are good? I can’t believe this, but it’s true.

It made me think of Troma Entertainment and their Toxic Avenger it was so bad it was good. I did like this it was a great story, and for low budget in the 80’s well it was low. But these days they can add in CGI for cheap versus creating costumes and all other special effects by hand. Well okay, they may have used some dummy sharks.

I saw the promo video for Sharknado and cried a bit. This is coming from me an aspiring screenwriter. If my hands could get an agent, I could write crab this good. I have ideas and currently on the path of writing them into screenplays. But when I get noticed I hope I bring something to the table that works for fans and for the studio. I don’t want to write the next Sharknado: There Will Be Sharks, but if it gets my name recognized, I’m up for it.

It’s still funny how this can create such an uproar on social media, but it did. ESPN tried to jump on the bandwagon for a few social media laughs. In a tweet sent by the official account of the Worldwide Leader, the folks at ESPN offered this suggestion for San Jose’s NHL club. “Hey @SanJoseSharks, thoughts on changing your name to the San Jose #Sharknados?”

They received a bite in the ass when the San Jose Sharks tweeted in response. “Hey @espn, thoughts on showing more hockey highlights?”

The exchange also attracted a huge audience as Twitter was swimming with retweets of the humorous exchange. While most sided with the hockey team, one Twitter user couldn’t help but turn the attention back to the Sharks.

“SharkNada is the gripping horror film about the San Jose Sharks playoff history,” tweeted @theroyalhalf.

Then when you think of Syfy, you think of great shows like Ghost Hunters, Warehouse 13, and Haven. At least, I do, and all the reruns of Sci-fi shows of the past. However, now its about those Saturday nights or in this case Thursday night movie. Syfy started making original movies in 2002, mostly out of necessity. “The straight-to-video market had dried up a little bit, and some of our suppliers stopped making movies. So we said, What if we just commission you to make movies?” says Thomas Vitale, executive vice president of programming and original movies at Syfy.

I know low budget flicks are made all the time most of the time they’re called Indies. Here we call them B-Movies? I don’t know Syfy, but I think you made a great step into a future that you might just call your own. Syfy averages 24 movies a year, each with around a $1.5 million budget, or about 1/130th of what it cost to make Michael Bay’s last Transformers movie. This is crazy, but when you have actors who just need a small amount to keep the roof over their head, it works.

I guess with a eh for an idea and dialog maybe just maybe a B-Movie could take over the world. I know Toxic Avenger is still embedded in my head, and I’ve only seen it like four times. Each time as if it was the first. Let us newbies give you a script then you wouldn’t have to brainstorm internally within the confines of Syfy. I know I can help make a script into a cheap low budget flick I would even act in it (myself, crazy) for nothing.

Next month, Syfy will debut a new film, Ghost Shark. “It was inspired by something my 7-year-old daughter Ava said. She said, ‘Papa, you should make a movie called Ghost Monster.’” But “monster” sounds too generic, so Thomas Vitale, turned it into a shark. But he promises that the movie is more than just a catchy title. “There is a logical reason in the movie for it to be a ghost shark,” he says.

If you’re a writer and want to get your feet wet, I think it’s time to get your agent to pitch one of your scripts to Syfy and The Asylum Films, that’s only if you know it will please Syfy and The Asylum, in turn pleasing an audience.

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By: Forrest L. Rawls