Eating Disorders and the Older Generation

Eating Disorders And The Older Generation

Who says eating disorders are just for teens and 20 something’s? Well if you have not noticed lately then you should know that eating disorders effect every age group male and female. Some don’t come out and speak out about it. For instance older adults, more in particular the 50 plus age group aren’t likely to come out and discuss their eating problems but suffer in silence instead. They have issues that they deal with just like any one else such as divorce, death, children moving away, and not to mention that mid-life crisis. For many 50 something’s they begin eating more and this may cause massive weight gain and as you get older the weight is harder to lose making the weight gain a burden. Some may even try excessive excercise regimes and/or diets or even slip into a depression. It can be tough for the older generation especially if they don’t have the support of loved ones and friends.

Eating disorders are a serious issue and if not taking seriously can lead to even more serious problems. There’s help out there so if you or a loved one have an eating disorders please seek the help you need and get your loved ones involved. You are not alone, there are many out there like you as well. You do not have to face this problem alone.

NEDA helpline can help patients find local specialists: For more information or referrals regarding eating disorders, call 1-800-931-2237

– Kelly J Newson
Kelly J Newson

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