Amanda Bynes Calls Obama Ugly While Wearing Smurf Wig

Lets Ignore Her For A While

Amanda Bynes Calls Obama Ugly While Wearing Smurf Wig

Amanda Bynes decided it was time to leave her dishevelled blond wig at home, and go for a more mature smurf look. Apparently Miss Bynes didn’t realize that image is everything, and appeared in court wearing her comical blue wig, sporty tank top, big black sunglasses, false eyelashes and sweat pants. She had to appear in court on Tuesday because of the charges of marijuana possession, and allegedly throwing out a vase from her window, or bong. The judge didn’t want Amanda to stay any longer in court than necessary, and postponed her case until September. (Amanda found time somewhere during her busy day to tweet, and in this new gem of a tweet, she calls Obama ugly.)

To no ones surprise Amanda denied all charges while she was in court, and if she could have, she would have dismissed the fact that smurfs were not her source of inspiration to wear this wig. (Maybe Avatar was.) The charges included: possession, reckless endangerment, (maybe this was the vase throwing out of a window of the 36th-floor apartment. Imagine what harm that could have done?).  And attempting to tamper with evidence. (Again the vase/bong throwing.) So far we have learned from Amanda that a vase must be disposed of correctly, not thrown out of a window.

All of this is very sad, and many people have been concerned about her well being. (Because who calls Obama ugly while wearing a smurf wig? Only Amanda, right?) Many family members, friends, and people Bynes has never met before, have reached out to this troubled actress. However she either ignored the advice, or attacked the very people who were trying to help her. She is very much out of control, and it’s not clear if she will ever recover from this episode in her life. It also is clear that most people are giving up hope, and are deserting her. Because it still holds true that you can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. The first step would be that Amanda must take a good look at herself, and decide that this behavior has to stop.

Apart from all her antics, drunk driving and twitter rants, she can’t seem to stop calling people ugly. Most of the people she attacks are very famous: Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Courtney Love, Jay- Z and model Chrissy Tiegen. Some of those people tried to reason with Miss Bynes, which obviously didn’t go over so well.

Another hot topic was that she was “totally into” Drake, awhile back, according to some sources. Therefore Amanda decided to attack Rihanna in a very mean way. (Saying that Riri deserved to be beaten by Chris Brown.) However, recently Amanda cleared the air by tweeting that Drake wasn’t attractive at all, but calling him, as you have guessed right, Ugly. Today the new ugly ducklings on the Amanda Bynes tweet list are none other than President Obama and the first lady. Amanda tweeted: “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!”  Nobody knows why she had to blurt that out, but nobody cares. (In addition nobody wonders anymore why she was wearing a smurf wig.) It’s hideous behavior from a person who deserves to be ignored for a while. Maybe if we stop paying attention she might change her tune.

By Georgina Pijttersen