Heidi Klum Naked ‘Bum’ Sunburned (Photo)

No Modesty, No Suntan Lotion

Heidi Klum Naked Ass Sun Burned

Apparently Miss Klum doesn’t believe in either modesty or suntan lotion. (Of course in Germany there aren’t many sun hours but if you are holidaying in the Bahamas, a bit of lotion should be applied. Not even super model bodies are able to absorb the sun’s relentless rays without some harm to the body. Heidi Klum did want to spice up our otherwise dull day, probably, by adding a photo to her Instagram account which showed her bum in all it’s glory and the aforementioned sun burned parts as well. Did she think it would make for a good cautionary tale, (or tail). Well She who burns her derriere must sit on the blisters. (See photo below)

People on the Internet are really upset and most feel like this commentator:  “Celebrities today have no shame! She has children; can you imagine your own mother doing something like this? I didn’t think so! And remember years back when celebs (who really were celebrities) kept their children completely out of the media’s view? They just can’t get enough attention, no matter how they go after it. I pity their children.” Ally added to that: “Heidi – The 1980s called and they want their braided cornrows back. She apparently doesn’t believe in sunscreen. I hope she at least applied it to her children.” Some reactions were even more vicious, calling her an unfit mother and somebody who only cares about her appearance. What do you think? Is she so vain? Or did Klum have holiday-foggy-brain and forgot that she shared the picture of her naked sun burned derriere with the whole world?

However the sun burn incident isn’t keeping Klum from having fun. She has been spotted splashing happily around in the sea with her kids, Henry 7, Jonah 6, Lenia 9, and 3-year-old Lou, as well as her new love interest, former bodyguard Martin Kristen.  The “America’s Got Talent” judge apparently wanted to feel a bit like Bo Derek, during that sexy scene where she comes out of the sea just when Dudley Moore is there too, and added a new flair to her hair. She had her hairdresser create some cornrows. (A hairstyle which probably wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near the stage at any catwalk and certainly not during a “Project Runway” taping.)

The new boyfriend, who used to be her bodyguard, is still a hot topic on the interweb. Especially because Heidi and Seal were the perfect Hollywood couple. (Not so perfect in the end, but who could have seen that one coming?) Martin and Heidi have now been together for seven months, but to expect us to erase our collective memories of the seven years she was together with Seal is not an easy task.

For now Heidi seems extremely happy. Even though she can’t sit properly on her sunburned bum for a while, she tweeted: “Thank you for another beautiful day in paradise.” Maybe next time it’s a good idea to put on suntan lotion if you decide to go sunbathing, and also it might be best not to Instagram your naked bum, which is sun burned. (Even if your last name is Klum.)s

Heidi Klum Naked ass

By Georgina Pijttersen