John Mayer To Perform With Keith Urban Again?

Many Months Dreaming Of This Night

John Mayer To Perform With Keith Urban Again?

John Mayer is back! He told the crowd on Saturday evening at Milwaukee’s Marcus Amphitheatre during the opening show of his tour: “I’ve spent many, many months dreaming of this night, it’s a long time coming.” Finally, Mayer was on stage again after doctors successfully repaired a granuloma in his throat last August. He had done some one-off festival appearances before and dress-rehearsals but not anything coming remotely close to his epic performance this past Saturday. This performance was the first of many, because he is doing a “Born and Raised” tour. Since the concert was such a success and his voice seems fine again, many are speculating that he will perform with Keith Urban again.

John did want to be on the safe side, and therefore adjusted his vocal register to a lower key. Noticeably different was “Waiting on the World to Change,”  during which he went without all of his falsetto parts. Apart from these changes, his voice sounded strong, and Mayer seemed as confident as ever. He did talk, but only once about his operation during the performance. It was quite a poignant story because he included Katy Perry, his ex-girlfriend, in it as well. He said: “She was so patient, she did take the time to continue to get know me and love me.” Sadly, there wasn’t enough there to keep the relationship going. Nevertheless, dedicated a song to Perry: “A Face To Call Home” because according to John Mayer: “Katy, who is my face to call home.”

Even though John wasn’t on stage for two years he hadn’t stopped working. He released a country inspired album called “Born And Raised” last spring while he was staying in Montana (This album might mean that Mayer will perform with Keith Urban again). He calls the album his “most significant, meaningful record.” After that, he was occupied with perfecting his latest gem, which will be out on August 13th. It’s called “Paradise Valley.” Last Saturday’s performance provided Mayer with enough opportunities to try out his new material in a different setting from the studio. He performed a lot of the songs on “Born and Raised” as well as four brand-new songs.

Many of his fans went on Facebook, and Twitter to congratulate Mayer, and to tell him how happy they were that he was back on stage. Most of his supporters really liked his new songs, and are eager for the new album to be released. Loui said: “I’m so happy that John Mayer was able to perform successfully again, just love him and think he is one of the best guitarist ever, would like to see him perform with Keith Urban again, am so happy for him!” TS added: “I wasn’t moved by his Katy Perry shout out. He basically said that he developed feelings for her because she has good hearing. However, I will always respect his talent.”

What do you think? Have you missed John Mayer? Should he perform with Keith Urban again? Or are you more curious which famous lady he will date next? Because after the long list of celebrities, e.g. Renée Zellweger, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katy Perry and many, many more, who is left?

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