Fisherman Catches Record Breaking Rockfish!

Fisherman Catches Record Breaking Rockfish!

A Seattle fisherman plying the waters off  Sitka, Alaska, caught a record rockfish that may be as much as 200 years old according to the Sitka Sentinel.

Weighing in at 39.08 pounds, the shortraker broke the previous record of 38.69 pounds, which had been the biggest such fish ever caught on sportfishing gear, the Sitka Sentinel reported.

“The rougheye is the oldest-aged fish at 205,” Tydingco said, adding that shortrakers don’t tend to live longer than 175 years, but that this fish was much bigger than the previous record so has a shot at being older.

“I knew it was abnormally big [but I] didn’t know it was a record until on the way back we looked in the Alaska guide book that was on the boat,” said Henry Liebman, the Seattle insurance adjuster who caught the fish, speaking to the Sitka Sentinel. More at source.

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