Amanda Bynes Fired Up and on Psychiatric Hold (UPDATE and Video)

Amanda Bynes Fired Up.

Earlier today we reported that, allegedly, Amanda Bynes had set fire to a driveway of an older woman’s residence, which resulted in Bynes being taken into custody and placed in the hospital on a 5150 hold (psychiatric hold). In an update to the earlier story, TMZ have now received information that says Amanda didn’t just set a driveway on fire, she built a bomb! You can read our earlier report below this update.

TMZ have the actual 9-1-1 call in which the caller says Bynes had placed a burning cloth on top of a gas tank essentially making a “homemade” explosive. The caller says that there is a small fire that consists of a burning cloth on top of a gas tank that has been placed on a driveway about five feet from the house.

The caller goes on to tell the 9-1-1 dispatcher where the house is and he explains that he’s calling because of the “burning” gas tank, he says that he cannot tell if the tank was full or not.

According to another “eyewitness” Bynes was found, by him, lying on the ground near the driveway with part of her pant leg on fire. He claims that she put the flames out and collected her dog, who was near the house. When the “eye witness” asked her if she was injured she said no, but, her dog had been burnt.

She then “disappeared” and the same “eyewitness” said that he saw her further down the street walking towards him with a backpack and carrying a small Chihuahua type dog. He then claims that he spoke to her again as she flagged down a taxi cab. She apparently asked him not to detain her or to call the police.

He says that she then left in the cab. Unfortunately his version of events doesn’t really match what was initially reported by TMZ and other sources. The original reports had Bynes at the scene of the crime and detained by Sheriff’s deputies after failing to give satisfactory answers to their questions.

TMZ also spoke to the older woman who owned the house, and the driveway, that Amanda attempted to burn with her “homemade” explosive. The woman said that until four deputies had knocked on her door, she had no idea that anything was going on.

The woman also said that she had no idea who Bynes was and she was under the impression that, at first, neither did the police! We will continue to update you on Amanda Bynes’ most recent bizarre behaviour, as and when further information becomes available.

We have included the video interview of the eyewitness below this update. We don’t know, but his story seems a little disjointed, especially when he says that Bynes left the area. What do you think, has he gotten his facts mixed up? Watch the video and see what you think.

Poor Amanda Bynes! The girl has been in more trouble this year than any other celebrity. She’s lost her license; been turned away from a private jet ride; arrested for marijuana smoking and throwing her bong out of her high-rise apartment window, and now, she’s all fired up and on psychiatric hold!

She decided to get all fired up on Sunday night at around 9 pm. TMZ reported that the 27 year-old All That star had been arrested in Thousand Oaks, California (part of the greater Los Angeles area) for acting a bit “whacky.” She has been placed on the 5150 hold for starting a fire in the driveway of a complete stranger!

The entertainment news site, TMZ reported that law enforcement officials have arrested the Hairspray actress, and placed on psychiatric hold after being arrested sometime after 9 pm. Apparently the Thousand Oaks local fire department had been called out to deal with a small fire at a Thousand Oaks address. And somewhat amazingly the house wasn’t too far from where Bynes had just recently been accused of trespassing.

A helpful neighbour spotted the driveway fire and called the fire department. Firefighters arrived to find the ex-Nickelodeon actress standing near the small fire on the driveway. The fire department then called the sheriff’s department.

When the sheriff’s deputies got to the address, they asked Bynes what she was doing and why she was there. According to the deputies, her answers were so far out in left field that they decided that the She’s All That star should be hospitalised on a “5150.

If you look up 5150 on the internet, it means – in police jargon – “a crazy person on the loose,” and a 5150 hold is involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation. Amanda Bynes can only be on the psychiatric hold for 72 hours after getting all fired up.

The homeowner of the house where Bynes set the fire, didn’t realise anything was happening until local law enforcement officials knocked on her door and asked her, “Do you know anyone by the name of Amanda Bynes, or why she would have some vendetta against you?” The elderly resident responded in the negative and the deputies then told her that a young woman was in her driveway. They explained that the woman (Bynes) had lit a fire and was carrying a “little red gas tank.”

According to TMZ the elderly resident said that deputies told her that Bynes had set part of her own clothing on fire.

It does raise the question as to whether or not there might be some connection between Amanda’s elderly fire target and her altercation with the police earlier at a retirement home. Before the driveway fire, police responded to a disturbance outside the facility, which is apparently just down the road, after Amanda had an argument with a taxi driver.

The driver said that Bynes was attempting to enter the old folks home with the manager turning her away because it was thought the young woman was intoxicated. The same manager later accused Bynes of trespassing.

After being turned away, some helpful staff who worked at the retirement home called cab for Amanda to take her away from the premises. But once Bynes got into the car she shouted, to the driver, “Get me the f*** out of here … I don’t have any money.”

When the cab driver heard that his potential passenger had no money, he then, allegedly, told Bynes to get out of his vehicle. The police were then called to assist the driver. There is no record of whether or not Amanda was arrested or cautioned, or if any action was taken against her as a result of the call.

The driver claimed that before police arrived Bynes said she was, “visiting a relative at the retirement home.”

Amanda Bynes has been in a lot of trouble this year alone. She’s constantly in the news for her increasingly bizarre behaviour and, this time, it looks like she might get the help she apparently needs. She may be fired up about something, but until the psychiatric hold order finishes, she won’t be able to do anything about it.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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