Milan Player Kevin Constant Claims Racial Abuse

Leaves the Playing Field

Milan player Kevin Constant Claims Racial Abuse

One of AC Milan’s star players, Kevin Constant stormed off the soccer field after the public chanted racist things about him this evening. (The members of the public who did so were from the opposite team.) All of this happened during the Trofeo Tim match. Sassuolo won the game in the end but they certainly didn’t win a price for best fans. This raised the question how it is possible that there is still so much racial abuse and that it is often displayed during sports game? Even after the Lega Calcio took a firm stand against racial abuse back in May. It seems like the Lega has to sort this Milan player Kevin Constant affair out as well. Are his claims true and has the public really engaged in racial abuse? Time will tell. However we might expect these steps from Lega Calcio:

During a game between Roma and AC Milan supporters had chanted many disgraceful and hurtful racist chants which were aimed at three of AC Milans star players. The Lega Calcio didn’t take that abuse lightly and issued the following statement in which they talk about fines and punishment:  “A fine of €50,000 with a warning for Roma, whose supporters continuously addressed racially discriminatory chants to three players of the opposing team, prompting the referee to suspend the game for two minutes in order to make them desist from such reprehensible behaviour.”

Giancarlo Abete talked about racial abuse, soccer and the public. He might issue a statement soon about Milan player Kevin constant and his claims. Back in May Abete stated: “They [fines] are becoming a solution that does not solve the problem, because certain people don’t care that their clubs are being fined €10,000 or €20,000. In addition, this kind of fine does not act as a punitive sanction. We need to prevent certain people from gaining access to the stadium. If names are registered to tickets, these people will be prevented from accessing other parts of the stadium. This is a strong signal of our intent and after that would follow the entire closure of a stadium. This idea will be presented to Uefa’s executive committee on 24 May, where the main theme will be racism, and I imagine that it will be endorsed as it falls in line with the committee’s plans.”

At this point in time it seems that even these drastic measures have made no impact on the offensive chanting supporters. These people have lost their integrity and sense of sportsmanship. They no longer see that it is sports and that these people deserve respect. What is your opinion? Are the supporters becoming more hateful and resentful? Or has is always been like this? Do you still feel like you are able to bring your child to a stadium and watch a friendly game? Do you think Milan player Kevin Constant is right in his claims that there was racial abuse going on during the match this evening? Let us know in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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  1. gabriel   July 23, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    yes he is correct even when we have to tolerate racism is a shame that happen these days

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