Amanda Bynes’ Parents Denied Conservatorship, Psychiatric Hold Extended

Amanda's attorney in process of requesting an emergency hearing for her release.

Amanda Bynes' parents denied conservatorship psych hold extended

Richard and Lynn Bynes, parents to troubled star Amanda Bynes appeared in the Ventura County Superior Court before Judge M. Reiser, today. The saddened parents are requesting full conservatorship over their daughter’s living decisions, medical decisions and money allocations. The Bynes’ reported their daughter seems delusional and paranoid, calling everyone and herself “ugly”. They stated their daughter “appears to have a substance abuse problem.” Judge Reiser made the decision to decline the request, for now, after approving the psych hold for Amanda to 14 days. Details of the conservatorship documents surfaced.

The Bynes’ discussed previous instances in the order, as far as Amanda covering windows and vents in her car “out of fear that cameras were watching her.” It makes one ponder why the Amanda’s parents took so long to seek legal intervention. The Bynes’ also shared their daughter has gone through $1.2 million out of her $4 million savings in a very short amount of time. To the Bynes’ knowledge their daughter was living in New York City before media outlets reported the fire incident in California on Monday. Once the incident occurred and Amanda was transported for psychiatric hold, her parents went to the courthouse to document recent and previous conversations with their daughter.

Amanda allegedly told her parents she was “extremely paranoid” about being “watched” if she stayed with them. When her parents inquired how the young starlet arrived in California, Amanda responded that she “cabbed it.” Her parents documented on the legal conservatorship forms that their daughter has no residence in California. They also believe their daughter arriving in California means she is “essentially homeless.” The courts denial is rumored to be temporary until the matter is further investigated.

Earlier this week, the actress was placed on an involuntary psych hold by police. ‘People’ took time to catch up to homeowner Bonnie Braaten who discussed the bizarre encounter Monday night. Braaten states she was watching television when around 9 p.m. her doorbell rang. Not expecting company, the 73-year-old was immediately put on alert and held the phone to call police. She went to the window, and onlywhen saw flashing lights, she opened it. Braaten stated, “I looked out the window and I thought, ‘I [have] my phone, so I’ll call 911,’ but 911 was in my driveway.”

Four sheriff cars and a fire engine had pulled in the driveway to dispel the fire. Once Braaten was informed by officers of the incident, she wished Amanda well “I hope she gets some help.” That is something we all can agree on.

Amanda took to Twitter many times over the last few months demoralizing loved ones and calling them “ugly.” A trend, her parents took note of in the court documents today. Lynn Bynes stated Amanda would push her to go under the knife for plastic surgery and her daughter suffered from severe body image issues. Her parents were also concerned about how Amanda would continue managing her finances stating, “She has a modest amount of rental income coming from two properties that she owns, but she has no other income at this time.”

Curiously, her parents seemed absent previous to Monday’s incident. While the truth of communication is not fully disclosed between Amanda and her parents, it seemed they only made the move to intervene after she was hospitalized. Amanda’s troubles began much earlier than Monday and curiosity probes if her parents tried reaching her prior to then. The Bynes’ did list in their court documents they presumed Amanda was in New York, but no specific details were released regarding communications prior to that time.

Friend to Amanda, Ana Rivera was interviewed by ‘RadarOnline’ and stated, “If she is not pinned down to [the] bed she will run away. She is worse than Lindsay [Lohan] or Britney [Spears], no one can reach her. She’s going to have to be there for months and she could even be institutionalized for the rest of her life.” We hope that is not the case, and with proper care and follow-up, Amanda can go back to living a structured life.

As of this morning, the court has denied the conservatorship based on the fact the doctors pressed and the courts agreed to extend Amanda’s psychiatric hold for 14 days. The judge also wants time to to discuss the situation with Amanda, and the emergency responders regarding the fire. The court date, allegedly is scheduled for mid-August. It is reported Amanda’s attorney is already pitching an emergency hearing to have her released from the hospital.  We all can only hope, whatever decision the judge makes, will be in the best interest of Amanda’s safety and future.

Angelina Bouc

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