Two Bombs Have Been Set off in Pakistan Market

Two Bombs Have Been Set Off In Pakistan in shoppers market of Parachimar

Two bombs have been set off in Pakistan. The victims were shoppers in a market in the town of Parachinar. The death toll is at 39 so far with over 100 people being injured. The market was filled with Muslims shopping for food to break the Ramadan fast.

The local hospital is reporting that they are filled to capacity, and they have had to place victims either on the floor or outside on the grass as they are being treated.  People helped the wounded as best as they could by taking the injured to the hospital in their cars. Some of the wounded are in critical condition.

Police spokesman Fazal  Naeem Khan has stated that one of the bombs may have been planted on a motorcycle and a witness has said that she saw a teenage boy shouting “GOD is great!” just before the explosion. The boy was standing where the second bomb was placed. The bombs were thought to be located about 400 yards apart and set off approximately 4 minutes from each other.

The area where the two bombs have been set off in Pakistan has a large Shiite Muslim population, and they are a minority in most of Pakistan. The Shiite population has been subjected to attacks from Sunni militants in the past. Sunni militants do not consider Shiites as true Muslims, and attacks are carried out based on this belief.

The Kurram tribal region has been subjected to violent attacks for several years. Taliban militants who have been trying to overthrow the Pakistani government carry out suicide bombings and shootings in the area.

Earlier the same day the bodies of 20 suspected militants were found in the neighboring Khyber region where the military had been shelling the area for the past few days due to militants hiding in the area.

The people of Pakistan are waiting to see how the new government will handle this latest challenge. The president is elected by a combination of lawmakers in the senate assemblies of the four providences and National Assembly. Since public elections aren’t held for the presidential election many view the president as just a powerless figurehead.

Pakistan has had its share of attacks recently. Earlier this year Taliban gunmen killed members of a Romanian climbing party attempting to conquer the Nanga Parbat. It was the bloodiest attack on foreigners in Pakistan in over a decade.

The knowledge that two bombs were set off in Pakistan on Friday leaves little doubt that something must be done to curb the violence.

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