Amanda Bynes Placed Under Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes Placed Under Psychiatric Hold

Actress Amanda Bynes has been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold for 72 hours after starting a fire in the driveway of a residence in Thousand Oaks on Monday night.

According to responding fire officials, she had set fire to a small gas can, and burned some of her clothes in the process. The residents of the property have denied having any ties to Bynes. Bynes then tried to leave in a taxi; but was stopped by a passerby. A neighbor heard Bynes shouting for someone to call 911, and put out the fire before firefighters arrived. Ventura County Sheriff’s Department officers questioned her and determined she did not intend to damage the home, nor was there damage done to the home, and decided not to charge her with arson. However, they did conclude that she met the criteria to be placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Under Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code, a person can be involuntary held and mentally evaluated for up to 72 hours if they make statements that indicate that they are a danger to themselves and others, or are gravely disabled. Authorities have not made public the institution she was transferred to.

This incident comes one day after she was questioned by police for being drunk outside of a retirement home.

Bynes has several court cases pending for a hit-and run, a DUI, and a charge of driving with a suspended license. She has also settled an additional hit-and-run.

Bynes underwent a mental evaluation after her arrest in May for drug possession and evidence tampering. That incident, along with her failure to pay a $2,000 room service bill resulted in her being evicted from her suite at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York city. Her parents may request a conservatorship; but this must be done before the current hold expires.

Because of financial troubles, as well as not being able to find another apartment in New York due to her erratic behavior, Bynes moved back to California. There have been several reports of Bynes’ unusual behavior in public. She was expelled from a gym in New York city for smoking marijuana, and from another gym in West Hollywood for taking off her shirt and working out in a strapless push-up bra. On another instance she locked herself in the bathroom of a cupcake store for half an hour among several other incidents. She has also made several bizarre tweets, including insulting several celebrities, the first couple being among some of the people she has targeted.

Written By: Milton Ruiz

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