Amanda Seyfried on the cover of Elle Magazine

Amanda Seyfried on the Cover of Elle.

With the film Lovelace due to open in cinemas August this year, the 27 year-old Amanda Seyfried has hopped on the film promotional train and her first big stop was to be in the August issue of Elle magazine, and she’s on the cover!

Since she is playing the Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming “biopic,” she talks candidly to the magazine in her interview. She talks sex, fantasy and changing her image. She reckons that taking on the role of Linda Lovelace will allow audiences to shake the “little good girl” image she’s had in the cinema so far.

But Amanda admits that ditching her “good-girl” image wasn’t easy. She told the magazine that, “I read the script and I was like, ‘Wow, this is the riskiest thing that’s happening [in Hollywood] right now,'”

“The first thing you think about is that it could have ruined my career. At the same time, I was like, ‘This is my chance to show them, to show the industry, to be recognised,'” she added.

Lovelace, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year to overall positive reviews. Amanda has said that she got very attached to the character she played who in real life starred in Deep Throat and made cinematic history.

It must have been difficult for Seyfried to play an abused woman who was essentially forced into the porn industry. The real Linda Lovelace had an abusive husband who badly mistreated her for his own personal gain. Being on the cover of Elle magazine and talking candidly about her personal, as well as professional life, allowed Amanda Seyfried to reveal how she felt playing the Deep Throat star.

Amanda in an interview with Associated Press, revealed that playing Lovelace got the woman under her skin, she said, “I had a hard time letting go of Linda at the end of the movie. I had a really intense time with Peter Sarsgaard [who plays her abusive and controlling husband, Chuck Traynor]. I think we both had a hard time letting go because we went to these places.”

Of Sarsgaard, Seyfried related that, “He played a man who consistently beat his wife. And I played a woman who was raped and abused, psychologically and physically. I was constantly taking my clothes off. I didn’t have an issue with that. She had an issue with that. So it was a lot. And the only thing that helped was getting onto ‘Les Miz.’ “

Since Amanda’s main reason for granting the interview to Elle magazine is because of her portrayal of the legendary Linda Lovelace, she talks about sex. Her attitude toward her own sexuality and what she and the world finds attractive.

Speaking to the magazine she said, “Everybody I’ve dated I’ve been sexually attracted to immediately. Sparks don’t grow — your vagina doesn’t become more inclined to wanting someone just because you’re around them.”

She also states in the interview that, “Sex motivates everything. It’s what people want to explore.”

She talks about her own relationship with her, one-time, “ex” Dominic Cooper. In another one of those Hollywood “on again/off again” relationships, she talks about getting her heart broken and the allegations that 35 year-old English actor had been cheating on her.

Apparently they have both “gotten over” their previous problems (in her 2011 interview with Elle, she indicated that the two were through) and she said that now, “We love each other. … He’ll always be in my life regardless of what his girlfriends or future wife think. I’m never going to be with a guy that can’t deal with my friendship with him.”

But in the area of fantasy she says she has deep feelings for a mystery man that she’s been “keeping an eye on” since she was a teenager. She admits that it is just fantasy, but apparently, it is one that she can see happening.

About her “mystery” fantasy man she said it’s, “someone separate from my industry life — I’ve known him since he was 16. … I picture him as the father of my children all the time. But it is a fantasy right now.”

So Amanda Seyfried is on the cover of the August issue of Elle magazine and she talks about, her new film, sex, relationships and fantasy. All just in time for the film Lovelace to open in cinemas.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom