Asiana 777 Black Boxes Recovered

Asiana 777 black boxes recovered The black boxes of the Boeing 777 of Asiana Airlines have been recovered. NTSB and San Francisco Airport officials are about to hold a news conference to provide more information about the plane crash which happened on Saturday morning. The President of Asiana Airlines apologized this Sunday morning and left it clear that they are willing to collaborate with the National Transportation Safety Board to find the cause of this incident. Also this Sunday morning, the flight data recorders have been found. After several reports of witnesses and survivors, it is clear that the Boeing 777 was flying too low when it was about to land. Now with the black boxes recovered they are hoping to find a definitive clue as to what happened. “We want to understand what was going on with this crew so we can learn from it” said one of the NTSB officials. They are also hoping to interview the pilots in the following days as part of their investigation. Claudia Ponce. Source: CNN

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