Yasiel Puig Not an All-Star?

Rookie sensation Yasiel Puig has not been included in the All-Star game despite being the catalyst for the Dodgers over the past month.
Rookie sensation Yasiel Puig has not been included in the All-Star game despite being the catalyst for the Dodgers over the past month.

The Dodgers rookie sensation Yasiel Puig has somehow not been voted into the All-Star game. Not by the fans, not by the players, and not by National League Manager Bruce Bochy. The sensational rookie still has a chance to play in the game, however not being voted in is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Yasiel Puig has taken Major League Baseball by storm this season, invigorating a Dodgers roster that was void of energy earlier in the season. The Dodgers are 18-13 in the 31 games since Puig’s career started, and now are just four games under .500 as they prepare for the All-Star break. He has energized this team to the point where they could once again wind up in contention for the postseason. That looked pretty bleak earlier in the year. They are 4.5 games behind the division lead currently.

Since joining the major leagues, Puig has batted an unbelievable line of statistics. He is batting .407, with 8 home runs and 19 RBIs. He has a .683 slugging percentage and a 1.118 OPS. Not bad for a rookie.

Puig will still have a chance to become an All-Star this year if he can win the fan vote for the one remaining spot. The vote is between five players, and can be completed online at the link above. His competition for the final All-Star spot is Washington’s Ian Desmond, Atlanta’s Frddie Freeman, San Francisco’s Hunter Pence and Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez.

He also could qualify for the event should someone already on the roster suffer an injury and need a replacement, something that has become commonplace over the past few years.

Although he has to be disappointed to not be named an All-Star, Yasiel Puig has kept his head up and his focus on his team’s goals for the remainder of the season. In an interview with the USA Today, he stated that “any athlete would like to be in the All-Star Game, but if I’m not selected, I would still be happy because my thing is for my team to win. That’s what makes me happy.”

Some experts and players have criticized the consideration of Yasiel Puig for the All-Star game due to his only being in the MLB for a month, however he would hardly be the first player in recent memory to only qualify for the game with such a small sample size. Jonathon Paplebon of the Boston Red Sox went as far as to call his candidacy “an absolute joke.” Last year Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals made the game as an injury replacement last year after not playing even a half season in the league.

Bochy credits the accomplishments Puig has made in such a small time in the big leagues. “Part of it is you understand as a manager the fans want to see a certain player. It’s exciting for them,” he explained. “They’ve made a huge splash. They’re bringing so much energy, it’s intriguing. And even though it’s a small sample size, when you look at the noise (Puig) has made, and it happens in a big city, and he has to be credited with what’s happened with their club. He’s been a spark for their team.”

So as of now the rookie sensation Yasiel Puig is not an All-Star this year. If you would like to change that you can vote for the final position in the All-Star game here.

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