Bill Warner Crashes Motorcycle at 285 MPH

Motorcycle Record Crash

“The Maine Event,” is held at Loring Air Force Base in Maine.  The base has been closed since 1994.  After its closing, a timing event has been hosted by the Loring Timing Association.  Bill Warner crashed his motorcycle after reaching 285 MPH Sunday.

About 400 spectators were watching while Warner attempted to exceed 300 MPH as he sped down the 14,000 foot runway.  After about a mile, Warner’s motorcycle veered off and crashed.

He was conscious as he was taken to a hospital in Caribou.  Unfortunately, he died about an hour and fifteen minutes later from his injuries.

Tim Kelly, the event’s organizer said:  “No one will touch Bill’s achievements or be the type of racer he was. He was a personal friend and the land-racing community is less for his loss.”

In 2011, Warner rode his turbo-charged, modified, Suzuki Hayabusa to a land speed record for conventional motorcycles.  He reached a speed of 311 MPH in one-and-one-half miles.

Sunday, Warner was attempting to reach the 300 MPH marker in only one mile.

The timing association uses 2.5 miles of the runway area, with a distance of 2,000 more feet available to them.

The remainder of Sunday’s events were cancelled and the Maine State Police continued and investigation into the crash.

While traveling at a speed of 285 MPH, Bill Warner crashed his motorcycle and lost his life.

Alfred James reporting


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  1. Craig Hill   July 15, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    And how old was Bill Warner, Alfred?


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