Britney Spears and Katy Perry Make Smurf Music Together

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‘Smurfs 2’ is being released July 31 and during the California meet-up today two songstresses connected over a collaboration. Britney Spears sang ‘Ooh La La’ a single that will be featured on the soon to be release ‘Smurfs 2’ soundtrack. The song is slated to appear during the end credits of the movie. Katy Perry leaked she and collaborator Bonnie McKee (who co-wrote the song) added to the background vocals. The two beauties were happy to see one another as they shared their smurf love clad in blue.

The young crooners posed together and even took to Twitter to tweet their instant connection, “So great to see you Smurfette Katy Perry!”  There are suggestions the two singers might be collaborating on a future album. Spears shared her excitement of being included on the track to the kid aimed movie. Sons, Sean, 7 and Jayden, 6 tagged along with their famous mom while she lent her vocals for the soundtrack. The proud mama stated, ” [They] were really, really good on set,” she said, adding that her boys “were, like, acting, and my oldest son, [Sean] was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something. Later on, I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable.”

Spears and Perry connecting over the ‘Smurfs 2’ movie and making sweet music together is a much better side than their slight feud in 2011. Spears released ‘Hold it Against Me,’ a music video with heavy product advertisement. Just a mere few hours later, Perry’s tourmate ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ tweeted her friend an inquiry of what she thought of product placement in music videos. The ‘Fireworks’ songstress had replied back with a telling tweet, ” Do it with style and grace … Not so ‘In [your] face like some. [You] have to get creative with it. Some artists don’t care though, and you can tell.”

When the media took the tweet as a barb towards fellow starlet Spears, Perry defended herself and took to Twitter again,”Dear tabloid media a.k.a. FILTH: please note I expressed an overall feeling about product placement, [its] role in videos and the art of them being compliment[ary] or sticking out,” Perry wrote  “Once AGAIN, stop pitting artist against artist for [your] sensational satisfaction and stick to what [you’re] best [at]: lying, gossiping, exaggerating and overall lending a hand [to] the deterioration of a generation.”

That was the end of that! It seems any issues were long gone as the two pop artists connected over blue love. The song ‘Ooh La La’ is a catchy “straight-up pop” song, Spears shared. The song was produced by Cirkut, Dr. Luke and Ammo and co-written by Bonnie McKee. Spears has come a long way to get back into the mode of fun and free singer and better than ever mama. She was ecstatic to bring her sons on the set and stated, “I have always loved the Smurfs as a kid and now my boys are the biggest Smurfs fans ever! I wanted to surprise them with a song in the movie. I know they’ll think it’s Smurftastic!”

We’re pretty sure it will be! Look for the ‘Smurfs 2’ release across the country on July 31. Hank Azaria will lend the voice to ‘Gargamel’, Jacob Tremblay takes on the role of ‘Blue,’ and Spears with Perry will end the show with their music collaboration during the end credits.

Britney spears, katy perry, sons, smurfs 2
Spears promotes ‘Ooh La La’ for ‘Smurfs 2’ with cute as buttons sons













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