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Bubonic Plague to Crown Chakra-Cinnamon as Medicine

Bubonic plague to crown chakra - cinnamon as medicine
The smell of baking cinnamon rolls, cinnamon scented candles, apple pie with cinnamon – Mmmmm.  The common kitchen spice of cinnamon has long been adored as a delicious treat, though there is so much more to this magical herb.  Used to symbolize prosperity and the energies of the moon, cinnamon has been used for everything from a deterrent of germs during the bubonic plague and a medicine for diabetes, to boosting brain functions and opening the crown chakra by healing workers of today.

Around the world

This spicy herb native to Sri Lanka and formally known as Ceylon, has been blessing the lives of people around the globe for thousands of years.  The Egyptians used cinnamon as an embalming ointment as well as enjoyed its scent in perfumes, oils and incense.  During the cloud of dis-ease that was later called the bubonic plague, cloths would be soaked in cinnamon and other spices and placed in the room of the afflicted because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  In America today, studies have shown that a bowl of carrot soup placed in the refrigerator with a few drops of cinnamon oil will last 60 days longer without spoiling than a bowl without the cinnamon added.  Now that’s a versatile spice!

For the body-mind

Recently, cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and reduce the quantity of insulin needed by diabetics.  As a natural pain reliever, cinnamon has proven beneficial especially in cases of inflammation due to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and similar conditions affecting the joints and can be added to healing balms for topical application.  (Note: cinnamon oil can irritate the skin and should be diluted in a base oil)

For the brain, the scent of this beautiful spice has been shown to increase memory and cognitive abilities, boost attentional processes as well as visual motor speed.  They are even researching cinnamon as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s dis-ease.  The connection cinnamon has to the brain and the head may well explain the reason spiritual aspirants now claim cinnamon can support the higher functions of the brain such as psychic abilities and tuning into what is known as the ‘crown chakra’ – or the highest known spiritual center in the physical body. This spice helps move blood flow in the brain as well as stimulating previously unused portions of the brain, maybe even the psychic centers and pineal gland.

Cinnamon, when added to foods, is thought to increase their vibration and therefore the health benefits and frequency signature of the food.  When we eat food with a higher vibration we are eating to support life and the extension of life, while microwave ovens have been shown to lower the frequency of food as has negative thoughts experienced while cooking.  Just as the study with Dr. Emoto in Japan, positive words can affect the vibration and cellular structure of water and the water molecules in food.  Maybe the delicious scent and taste of cinnamon and the way it evokes pleasure when eaten has something to do with our projection of positive emotions and therefore healing vibrations into food containing this spice?

Good for the whole being

There are so many different layers of life and an individual – it seems cinnamon is able to transcend the boundaries influencing all levels beneficially.  Cinnamon can help regulate blood flow in the body and can be a life saver in the case of a hemorrhage, as cinnamon will help to immediately clot the blood.  In the reverse, if blood is stagnant or sticky, cinnamon can thin the blood and help it to move more fluidly.

The erotic scent of cinnamon is said to be an aphrodisiac, inspiring sensuality and sexual intimacy between partners.  The simple effect of a cinnamon candle lit in the bedroom at night can change an atmosphere of tension into one of welcomed greetings, forgiveness and connectivity.   Cinnamon worn as a perfume is thought to attract prosperity and abundance as well as social interest and conversation.

As a potentiator of spiritual development, cinnamon has been eaten, burned as incense during ritual and applied to the third eye center.  For a stimulating and deep, inwardly connecting massage – add a few drops of cinnamon to your base oil and tune into the inner workings of the mind and spirit while meditating on the crown.

Known for physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual benefits – cinnamon may well be one of the most well-rounded herbs in the kitchen.  And you just thought it was good on oatmeal!  Anything that can touch something as severe as the bubonic plague and reach into the realm of the esoteric by stimulating the crown chakra and psychic mind, has got to be noteworthy and a subject of further personal inquiry.  Don’t you think?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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