Chicago Police Seize More Than 3,500 Illegal Firearms in First Half of 2013

Chicago Police Seize More Than 3,500 Illegal Firearms in First Half of 2013

Chicago Police Seize More than 3,500 Illegal Firearms in First Half of 2013

CHICAGO – Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy announced Chicago Police have seized more than 3,500 illegal firearms in the first half of 2013, a result of anti-violence measures implemented Citywide to enhance public safety. Superintendent McCarthy was joined by police command staff, including Ogden (10th) District Commander Maria Pena, in displaying recently seized illegal firearms and discussing illicit gun recoveries.

“Our comprehensive policing strategy and our partnership with the communities we serve continues to result in real progress with fewer murders, shootings, and overall crime in Chicago,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “And yet in spite of the progress we’re making, more needs to be done to keep illegal weapons from getting to our streets and into the hands of criminals.” Several noteworthy arrest incidents this past week highlight the efforts of Chicago Police officers to recover illegal firearms in the City and increase public safety. In two unrelated incidents in the Ogden (10th) District, two gang members were arrested and charged with gun offenses after police
investigations revealed the men to be in possession of firearms illegally.

In the Ogden (10th) District officers were on patrol when they observed a male subject riding a bicycle while holding his side and attempting to conceal an unknown item underneath his shirt. The officers approached the subject to conduct a field interview, at which time the offender tossed a handgun to the ground and fled on foot. After a brief pursuit, the offender was placed into custody and a loaded .380 caliber Bersa semi-automatic handgun was recovered. The offender, a known gang member, was charged with UUW, Possession of a Firearm W/O Valid FOID, Possession of Ammunition W/O Valid FOID, and Criminal Trespass to Residence.

In a second incident, Ogden (10th) District tactical officers were on patrol when they received information from an anonymous citizen that a group of male subjects were armed and loitering near parked vehicles in the area. As the officers approached the group to investigate, they observed a male subject remove a handgun from his waistband and toss the weapon into the rear seat of a parked vehicle. The officers placed the offender into custody and recovered a loaded.38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver. The 34-year-old male offender, a gang member and convicted felon on parole, was charged with UUW by Felon – Possess/Use Firearm.

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Weekly Gun Seizures Officers assigned to the Deering (9th) District responded to a call of a “person with a gun” and observed a male subject in a dark alley matching the description of the armed offender. As the officers approached, they observed that the offender had a handgun in his waistband and attempted to stop him when the offender fled on foot. After a brief pursuit, the officers were able
to place the offender into custody and recover a loaded .40 caliber Glock semi-automatic handgun with a high capacity magazine. The 24-year-old male offender, a convicted felon on parole and known gang member, was charged with being an Armed Habitual Criminal.

In a separate investigation, the Area North Saturation Team curbed a vehicle for a traffic violation. During the traffic stop, the officers observed an open alcoholic beverage in the vehicle and asked the male driver and passenger to exit. As the passenger exited the vehicle, the officers observed him drop a handgun. The passenger was immediately arrested and a loaded .45 caliber Rock Island semi-automatic firearm was recovered. The 22-year-old offender, a convicted felon on parole, was charged with UUW by Felon – Possess Firearm while on Parole, Armed Habitual Criminal, and Drinking on the Public Way.

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