Dave Matthews Makes a Fan Very Happy by Breaking Down

DAve Matthews makes a fan very happy with his breakdown.
Serendipity means literally “happy surprise” or “fortunate accident” and that is just what Dave Matthews had on his bicycle while he was having a “pre-show” ride. A “fortunate accident”. Not for him though, as he was stood by the roadside with his bicycle’s back tyre blown out with no cell phone. Enter a couple of fans, one of which who has been a fan since the age of nine, they were the ones who had the “happy surprise” because of Matthew’s un-fortunate accident. They stopped to help and Dave Matthews made the fans very happy by his breaking down and accepting a ride to his show from them.

It smacks of serendipity, because not only were the two fans of the Dave Matthews Band, but they were on the way to the very performance that Matthews himself was going to miss at Hershey Pennsylvania, if they hadn’t stopped to give him a lift!

Cue Twilight Zone music.

Matthews relayed that he’d gone out for a bike ride before the Saturday night show and that he hadn’t taken his cell phone with him. He said, “I did not have a cell phone on the bicycle. So I thought, ‘Sh*t!’ And then a nice lady named Emily rode up in a red car with a bicycle rack on it and gave me a ride on to the gig.”

Emily Kraus, the Dave Matthews fan since the age of nine, told CNN affiliate WHP that they were running late to the Dave Matthews Band show when they saw a guy standing stranded by the side of the road with his bicycle tire blown out.

Emily and her husband thought the guy looked familiar so they stopped to see if they could help, despite being late for the concert. When they stopped to help the cyclist, they realised that it was the singer Dave Matthews himself! His breaking down made a fan very happy and also got him to the concert!

The serendipitous nature of the event goes even deeper. According to Emily, if her mother hadn’t given her a bike rack for her car recently, they would have had to leave the bike behind. But despite their good luck to have the bike rack, they were a little overwhelmed by the ride to the show with the lead singer and co-founder of the group. The Dave Matthews fans told WHP that,”We didn’t know how to make conversation with him!”

They did make small talk about the show on the ride there. According to Emily, Matthews is a humble guy and they spoke of who came from where to get to the show and Matthews’ daughters summer camp and that the night before the band had played in Cincinnati.

Later during the concert, Matthews told the crowd what the young couple had done for him and he then invited them to dinner and moved them to front row seats! Emily wrote on the affiliates (WHP) Facebook page that, “My cheeks still hurt from smiling, giggling and laughing all night long … this will always be remembered.”

Kraus told the news station that when she woke up the next morning she had to remind herself that it really had happened and it hadn’t been a dream.

She said that she then noticed the concert tickets. Dave Matthews had signed the couple’s tickets with a personal note that said, “Thanks for the ride.” Emily says, “OK, yeah, that really happened yesterday. It was surreal, we couldn’t believe it.”

So we know that both Emily Kraus and her husband have had a night they’ll never forget and Dave Matthews will hopefully remember the day that his breaking down made a fan very happy!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom