Kim Kardashian Paparazzi Baby Plan Told by Kris Jenner on Her Tv Show

Kim Kardashian and her paparazzi baby story by Kris Jenner

In case you were wondering what Kris Jenner’s new talk show was going to include, you don’t have to wonder any longer. On Kris’ premiere, she talked about daughter Kim Kardashian and like all proud “grandmas” she told Kim’s baby story.

Most of the world have been guessing that Kim Kardashian was “pulling a fast one” on the baby’s delivery date. Assumptions have been that Kim lied about the day of the baby’s delivery so that the paparazzi would be caught flat-footed, and they were. But not because Kim was “boxing clever” about the dates, she had already worked out a “foolproof” plan to outsmart the paparazzi but she needed to put it into action a bit early.

Kris Jenner told her audience on Monday that Kim was very busy on the day that little North came into the world. She was trying to come up with the ultimate Father’s Day gift for Kanye. It seems that the rap star does actually have a case of hero worship for someone other than himself!

According to Kris Jenner, West is a bit of a star struck fan when it comes to the late Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak. Kim had been trying to get some bit of memorabilia that they could get Wozniak to autograph and Jenner said that was what daughter Kim was up to on the day that North came into the world about five weeks early.

Jenner revealed what Kim told her on that day, “She says, ‘I have to have the baby today, emergency, get here fast.’ She tells me it’s a medical emergency; she’s got to get to the hospital.” Kris then said that she immediately headed to her daughter’s house where the paparazzi were all waiting. Kris then said, “I get inside, get Kim. We’re packing her bags, getting her into the truck. There was a whole elaborate plan in place for when Kim gave birth. We had security and the right room and the perfect car and the decoy car.”

But with the news that North was coming early, they had to adapt the plan to work immediately instead of later. The plan, which included hiding Kim under some covers and getting some “last-minute” backup from friends with a few “extra” cars, seemed to work well and soon they were ready to go.

So apparently, Kim Kardashian had a paparazzi proof baby plan already set up in advance and, as Kris Jenner relayed on her TV show, it really worked, despite being five weeks earlier than originally expected. It also worked well with Kim’s Daddy Day’s gift arrangements for Kanye; as Kris explained.

Jenner said, “We go to the hotel [where we’re going to get to the decoy car] and the whole way down she’s under the blankets [emailing]. She goes, ‘Steve Wozniak keeps emailing me. He’s here and I don’t know what to do.’ “

Fortunately the emailing Wozniak was already at the hotel were Kim planned to switch cars. After they pulled their switch Kris said, “[We] ended up in a room and then we had a baby. On Father’s Day, which was two days later, guess who was in the room when I got to the hospital? Steve Wozniak.”

Kris said that Kim has been staying out of the limelight since North’s birth but not because she’s been “banned” from going out of the house. Mom Jenner said it was, “Absolutely ridiculous, haven’t even chatted about that so no, not happening. She can go out anytime she wants. I promise. She’s not locked in a closet. No! It’s so silly!”

So if her first show is anything to go by, we can expect more Kim Kardashian stories and guest appearances. Kris started with the paparazzi baby plan, and hinted that Kim may introduce young North on her show when she’s ready.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom