Did Pitt Researcher Dr. Robert Ferrante Murder his Wife?


Thursday Pittsburgh police were ordered to arrest Pitt researcher Dr. Robert Ferrante for the murder of his wife under orders from the Allegheny County District Attorney.

Ferrante was arrested in Florida.  The reasons for his being there were undisclosed.

Ferrante’s deceased wife, Dr. Autumn Klein, was a neurologist at the University of Pittsburgh’s medical school, where her 64-year-old husband was a leading researcher of ‘Lou Gehrig’s disease.’

On April 17th Klein became violently ill at their home.  She died on April 20th.

Ferrante said his wife suffered a sudden medical emergency.  Thursday, toxicology reports revealed that her blood contained a lethal level of cyanide, and declared her death a homicide.

Ferrante’s attorney said he denies any wrongdoing, and is cooperating with the police.

Did Pitt researcher Dr. Robert Ferrante murder his wife by poisoning her with cyanide?  Stay tuned.

Alfred James reporting


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