Disrespectful Disgusting Justin Bieber Revoltingly Pees In Public

Disrespectful Disgusting Justin Bieber Revoltingly Pees In Public

Ah, the Big Apple. A land of enchantment, a land of endless possibility, a “city that never sleeps,” the place where all your dreams can come true. Unless, of course, you’re a lowly janitor in a nightclub. Because then, you don’t mean anything. You’re a total nobody, a peon, a person of the lowest caste, an untouchable. At least that’s what the disrespectful, disgusting Justin Bieber thinks about the working man. TMZ reports that Justin Bieber revoltingly took a public pee in a New York nightclub, right into a janitor’s bucket. They even have a video that they’ve verified to prove it.

If you’re Justin Bieber, apparently, you can march around and pee wherever you want, even if you’re urinating onto someone’s workspace, and even if your filthy urine, full of bacteria and waste, could then be spread all over the floor of a nightclub for other people to step upon. And who cares if your friends are videotaping the incident? It’s all just so hilarious, according to the group he was with. They couldn’t stop laughing as they filmed the putrid pop star, and even said that Justin Bieber didn’t need to use the restroom because it wouldn’t be memorable in the same way as pissing into a bucket is.

At the end of Justin’s public urination, he threw some liquid on a picture of President Clinton and yelled “F*** Clinton!” TMZ reports. Because, you know, Bill Clinton is only the man who pulled the country up to economic prosperity and who continues to do good works around the world. He is the best president the United States has had in modern times, but when you’re Justin Bieber, you’re better than everyone else. When you’re Justin Bieber, the basic laws of common decency and respect don’t apply to you. When you’re Justin Bieber, you’re the King and all others are your subjects. Those subjects are worthy of your scorn and ridicule.

Yes, Justin Bieber thinks he is better than everyone else, but perhaps even more disturbing than that is the fact that in the video, there appears to be an adult man in a suit, just standing on the stairs watching the entire thing go down. Who is this man and why is he standing there passively witnessing the vile act take place without intervening?

Justin Bieber has risen from annoying child with hair that made everyone’s finger twitch on the closest pair of scissors, to looking like a strange hybrid of a lesbian woman and a teenage boy, to a disrespectful tyrant who goes around peeing on someone’s work equipment.

There are no words to truly express what a despicable act Justin Bieber has performed. Because it’s not just about the filthy, unsanitary, disgusting conditions he created by his decision. It’s about his outlook on the world. He is a prime example of a horrible role model; a wholly narcissistic, self-involved jerk; a totally selfish, self-absorbed idiot who cares about no one except himself. He’s the Portrait of Dorian Gray, except his ugliness and evil are also evident from the outside.

By: Rebecca Savastio


Source: TMZ

5 Responses to "Disrespectful Disgusting Justin Bieber Revoltingly Pees In Public"

  1. Noah   July 11, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    I think that it’s sick how he would use religion to defend himself. I’m not even religious and I know that God would be ashamed to have his name spoiled by this brat. Sad thing is that he (and his fans) are too narrow minded and use the “just a kid” excuse to cover up his mistakes. Shameful.

  2. Jordyn   July 11, 2013 at 8:16 am

    Is this suppose to make me stop loving him ? It didn’t work at all . Once a belieber always a belieber , so tmz can suck it ! (:


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