Dogs Give Insight Into Human Strengths

dogs give insight into human strengths
Dog – human’s best friend and trusted companion – but are they more than that?  Can dogs give insight into human strengths and weaknesses?  Some say that animals bring with them unique wisdom that we humans can glean from and, if embraced, become better through what is shared.  This wisdom is called ‘animal medicine’ by ancient native people.  Native American cultures believe that when an animal shows up out of no where in front of you – they have a message to share. These ‘medicinal meetings’ bring healing to our consciousness and offer us the insight of a path opening up to us.   If you have a certain animal around you all the time, or if you resonate with one animal more than another – like a dog – perhaps that animals is your ‘totem’ or ‘power animal’ representing qualities that when embraced, become some of your greatest strengths.

For many cultures and people, dogs have represented ‘servants of humanity’, protectors and loyal friends.  Dogs are often guardians, either of the household or a larger compound such as the Sphinx in Egypt guarded by Anubis the jackal-dog.  In Greek mythology, Hades – the underworld – is guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed dog.  Dogs are guard dogs and will remain loyal to a certain family or person for their whole life.  Dogs are also great friends, healing companions and trusted advisers – as they lead the blind and seek out ‘problems’, and follow tasks given them within their environment.  Dogs make great watchdogs and give unconditional love better than any other animal.

Experts would say that if dogs are in your life often, they might be offering you the chance to ask yourself certain questions:   “Do you have the proper companionship in your life? Do you have a lack of love? Do you allow yourself to receive love from others? Are you faithful to yourself? Is your spirit low? Are you judgmental, faithful, loving, forgiving? Are those qualities you need to work on? Do you need to be more playful, more territorial or less territorial?” 

Dogs often end up with people who are service-oriented such as charity workers, nurses, ministers, counselors and philanthropists.  They could also signal that these occupations would be good for people who are attracted to dogs as a companion.

The word ‘dogma’ comes from the association with dog quality of loyalty – as in the strict loyalty to a specific belief.  “Both adamant atheists and devoted spiritual leaders have been known to have Dog as a primary Animal Spirit Guide. Once they have set their teeth into a belief system, they can never be yanked away from that belief, as it will only entice them to sink their teeth in further. They may be persuaded, but they will not be forced to abandon their beliefs, whatever those beliefs might be.” In this way, ‘dog-medicine’ could be acting in a contrary or ‘negative’ expression.  One with strong negative dog medicine may appear as a zealot, not believing that anything else could be right besides their own beliefs.

Many people are attracted to dogs and think about their furry friends as more than pets, but members of the family.  These people could gain insight into their own human strengths by becoming keenly aware of dog-medicine.  Upon first meeting, dogs can give us intelligent information in regards to their owner’s – both habits and passions.  Dogs are either dearly loved, tolerated or feared.  These same qualities could be used to look at how one experiences service, loyalty, companionship and judgment – and where improvement might be granted.  With a wag of the tail and pant of the tongue, dogs show us the faces that humans may bury like a bone in the yard.  What does your relationship with dogs say about you?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Dr. Stanley Animal Medicine; Spirit animals; Critters – Dog as Totem; The Mystic Hearth; Spirit Lodge