Landing on the Moon- Restoring the Memory of Consciousness with Shilijit

The 21 day Challenge

To our western minds, we often think of longevity in terms of extending life a few dozen years and avoiding serious disease. In the Ayurvedic framework of health, longevity means something completely different. Literally translated as ‘the science of life’, Ayurveda looks at longevity herbs like Shilijit as tools for restoring the ‘memory of consciousness’ which is believed to exist in every cell. This is a much bigger phenomenon than the simple concept of body’healing.’ We are talking about a shift in the paradigm about who we are all together.  Consciously, we are landing on the moon here, stepping into new, or forgotten, territories as humans and restoring the memory of consciousness with support of herbs like Shilijit.

Consciousness and healing

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, we only get ‘ill’ or ‘identify with dis-ease’ when we forget, or loose connection to the ‘root of our consciousness’ – the totality of our existence as mind/body and the larger Self. This forgetful state is called ‘pragya paradh’, which means ‘mistake of the intellect.’ So, it is recognized by ancient science as an error of being human to forget the ‘larger Self’ and take on dis-ease.   Herbs like Shilijit help to restore this memory by activating a re-integration of the whole self.

This article comes about as a challenge to the larger Self – to go from wherever one is today in body and mind – to a greater version of the Self we can call ‘ground zero’ or the ‘zero-point.’  Zero point is a field which quantum science identifies as the point of all healing and origination.  In ‘zero-point energy’ illness cannot exist. In zero-point, nothing but pure consciousness, as it was meant to exist and express -can be.

The branch of Ayurveda that deals with longevity and these concepts of restoring the memory of consciousness is known as Rasayana.  In the beautiful words of John Douillard on this topic:

When we look at anti-aging and longevity in Ayurveda, we are considering techniques that will restore this memory of consciousness into every cell of the body. The resulting experience, much like an atom, a hurricane, or a solar system, is silent on the inside and incredibly powerful on the outside. Stress, which triggers the production of degenerative stress-fighting hormones and free radicals, literally strips the silence or consciousness out of our cells. The goal in Ayurvedic longevity and Ayurveda in general is to replace that stress with silence and live life to our full(est) potential, in the eye of the hurricane—calm and powerful..

What is Shilijit?

In yogic legends –  “Shilajit is considered to be the nectar or amrit of Shiva (one of the main Hindu dieties) given to mankind to live life youthfully and become immortal forever.”  The Sanskrit translation of shilijit is ‘destroyer of weakness’ and  ‘rock-like’  – or making our bodies like ‘a rock’ withstanding time and the elements which would tear us down.  

Shilajit is the concentrated resin of decomposed, ancient plant matter that has been oozes out from the Himalayan Mountains of India and Altai Mountains of Siberia during the heat of summer months. Preserved for thousands of years this bio resin is a potent sources of vitamins, trace mineral, and other nutrients. Shilajit is said to contain many biochemical’s, mainly fulvic acid and humic acid, uronic acids, hippuric acid, benzopyrones, phenolic glycosides and amino acids. All are invaluable for optimal health and vitality.

The effects of taking this masterful Ayurvedic longevity herb are unparalleled in not only ‘arresting and reversing the aging process’, but assisting one in tuning into the memory of consciousness residing in every cell -which says we are ‘whole, connected, and silently powerful.’  Physically, shilijit benefits the digestive, immune, reproductive, muscular skeletal, urinary, reproductive, respiratory and nervous systems of the body.  It is extremely rich in fulvic and humic acids – greatly benefiting the absorption and usage of every other nutrient and energy availability in the body/mind.  Humic acid is also the main component in very costly antiviral medications.

Shilijit can help one overcome addictions to physical substances and emotional tendencies as well as find balance within in order to step beyond ones personal ‘boundaries’ of growth to become a ‘greater’ expression of the self.  Shilijit regulates blood sugar and soothes inflamed conditions on every level – including the inflamed emotions of anger and hate.  It tonifies the brain, cleanses the blood, strengthens organs and reduces fatigue.  What all of this equates to is the ability Shilijit has to help one master the physical body and overcome ailments that keep one back from expressing fully in the memory of the consciousness of the ‘true self.’  With the addition of shilijit to the diet as well as the shift in perspective to support the restoration of the memory of consciousness in our cells, we are in effect – landing on the moon.  One small step in routine, one giant step in belief systems.

The Shilijit Challenge

Based on an on-line blog inspiration and the idea to align with ‘ground zero’ within – I am  igniting ‘the shilijit challenge.’  This challenge includes a  program to begin including regularly for 21 days in order to restore this memory of consciousness within.

Incorporate the following into a daily routine and record the results over a 3 week period:

1- Begin taking Shilijit at small doses (see video below)

2- Daily 5-10 minute silent sitting/meditation

3- Daily journal assignment – record thoughts/feelings/experiences

4- Exercise of some kind each day 30-45 minutes (yoga, walking, bike ride, gym, swimming, etc)

5- Proper Rest/Relaxation time (equivalent of full night of sleep – could include yoga nidra practice)

6- Choose positive words over complaints, negativity, sarcasm and self-blame

7- Reaching out to connect with at least one person per day – phone call, cup of tea, a walk, etc.

8- Laugh 5-10 minutes

9- Raise the intake of fresh raw fruits and vegetables to include at least 5-6 servings per day

Here’s a short clip on Shilijit and how to use it:

Throughout the 21 days, keep reminding the self of the potentiality that exists by stretching the mind to embrace the idea that somewhere inside each cell exists memory of wholeness.  Landing on the moon can be the novel experience of each individual remembering consciousness within as it was meant to be – a restoration of the totality of connectivity – and shilijit is simply a key.  Take time to build up the dose of shilijit, as it can be a strong and powerful force for change both internally and in the external experience of reality.  Some people have ‘cleansing responses’ by taking this herb.  Most importantly is the intention to make a shift.  Go forth in the wisdom of possibility and walk in power, as was meant to be,  inside your own body.

(This article is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or heal.  Please consult the inner physician as well as any health practitioner you resonate with for ‘medical advice.’  Most of all, stay aware. Become Empowered)


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Tillotstan Institute of Natural Health; Rhythm of Healing; Hridaya Ashram; Jiva Ayurveda

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