Dogs to get 24 Hour Canine TV Channel (Video)

Dogs get 24 hour canine channel.

Having trouble keeping man’s best friend entertained? Walking the dog just isn’t satisfying for your favourite pet anymore after you get home from work and they just don’t seem very happy about your not being there? Well cheer up! You and your pooch are about to get the latest in doggy amusement. Dogs are to get the own, commercial free, canine TV channel and we have a video sample of what your pooch can watch.

Starting in August this year, DirecTV is airing its new 24 hour television channel called Dog TV which has been created to keep your pet occupied when you, their owner aren’t able to be there for them.

It is being lauded as the first of its kind and the channel has already been tested by being aired in San Diego last year. The test airing, reached a reported 483,000 homes and their pets in what is California’s second biggest city.

The satellite network will transmit the channel, sans adverts, and will feature short videos that, among other things, will relax, excite, teach and entertain your “stay-at-home” dogs. All the features are filmed from the “dogs-eye-view,” and will presumably take your place when you have to work.

On the DirecTV website, you can see examples of the videos that your favourite pooch can watch. On the networks YouTube channel, you, and your dog, can watch other dogs romping with each other in a corn field or sprawling across the ground to a gently playing musical background.

Ron Levi, the founder and producer of Dog TV spoke to NBC’s Today show and said that in the area of television, “Regular TV is bad for dogs. It’s like the Fourth of July all year round.” Which was why he came up with the idea to give dogs their own 24 hour canine channel.

Rather interestingly Levi, who came up with this original idea, doesn’t even have a dog! He lives in Israel with his cat. But he said that he noticed his cat Charlie looked so sad when he, Levi, left for work each day that it troubled him. His cat’s obvious distress at being left “home alone” while Levi worked is what gave him the idea of Dog TV.

He decided to test the affect of his proposed doggy videos by partnering with Tufts University, which is a private research university near Boston, Massachusetts. They then installed cameras into the homes of dogs who were regularly left on their own for eight hours a day by their owners going to work. The dogs then spent their day watching Dog TV.

Levi’s and Tufts’ research showed that the dogs who watched the “mellow” dog focussed videos were calmer and happier when their owners returned from their workday.

The new Dog TV channel is available on some Time Warner and Cox TV plans and Dog TV is currently selling subscriptions via their website and the channel will be available for DirecTV subscribers from the first of August.

With the creation of the new 24 hour canine channel on TV for dogs and their owners, the cat-owning Levi has said that his next creation will be a cat channel for pets like his Charlie, who doesn’t like it when he goes to work. Of course that could be because his kitty knew he was fraternising with the enemy! To see what your best friend could be watching, look at the video below:

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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