18 Killed as Truck Slams into Bus


accident in MoscowA Truck crashed into the side of a passenger bus in Moscow Saturday, killing 18, as the rear of the bus was ripped away.

20 of the bus passengers were also injured, 14 of them are in grave condition in a local hospital, two of which are small children.

A dash cam shows the truck speeding out of control, flipping on its side, and slamming into the bus, splitting it in half. The driver of the truck was thrown free, and can be seen in the film staring with disbelief at the carnage.

Helicopters with medics were flown to the scene, and several of those severely injured were flown to hospitals.

The initial investigation points to the truck driver as the culprit. He allegedly failed to allow the bus to pass through an intersection.

A tragic and avoidable accident killed at least 18 men, women, and children in Moscow Saturday, as a truck crashed into a bus carrying 41 people.

Alfred James reporting


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