Earthquake in Vanuatu

Earthquake in Vanuatu

An earthquake of 5.2 magnitude erupted today in Vanuatu.

There have been 11 earthquakes in the past week in Vanuatu, the largest being 6.1 in magnitude.  In the past month there have been 11 quakes reaching 6.1of magnitude.  In the past year they have been as strong as 6.7.

Vanuatu is a republic consisting of a group of 80 islands in the South Pacific, a volcanic archipelago about 1700 miles or 2700 kilometers northeast of Australia, in the middle of Melanesia.  It was previously known as the New Hebrides Islands.  It is approximately 12,000 square kilometers in area, slightly larger than the state of Connecticut.

It is located near the Loyalty Islands, the Santa Cruz Islands, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Norfolk Island, Australia.

 So far there have been no reports of injuries or damage.

By:  Tom Ukinski

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