Emma Roberts Bite Marks On Boyfriend Because of Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Eric Roberts Knows All About It

Emma Roberts fifty shades of grey

Emma Roberts has done it. She has made the headlines and has everybody talking. Not about her new movie, good looks, her aunt Julia Roberts or even her father, Eric Roberts who is Julia’s brother, and who is always getting into sticky situations himself. No, Emma has now made the news headlines herself, because she allegedly attacked her boyfriend. (Her BF is Evan Peters, or Tate Langdon, or Kit Walker from American Horror Story.) However when Evan was asked if he wanted to press charges he declined and therefore there were no grounds for the police to keep Roberts any longer for questioning. Their joint statement says that nothing happened really, because there was confusion and an unfortunate incident. One conclusion can be that Miss Roberts wasn’t aware of the preferences of Evan between the sheets and decided to go a kinky route and add some fifty shades of grey spice in their love life, subsequently leaving her boyfriend with bite marks and a bloody nose. (It might all just be a cover up, because who fights that dirty? Bite marks and nose punching. Very classy.)

Others are certain that it actually was a domestic dispute and that Emma should be considered a girl version of Chris Brown. Many people are very upset because they think she won’t get the same treatment as Brown received. In all fairness Brown received a lot of flack but was never really hurt by it. His career is still doing very well and he even went back, albeit briefly, with Rihanna. Therefore Emma doesn’t have to be afraid of the backlash. Sure people will look weird at her for a while but after that she can continue without a care in the world.

Another more disheartening conclusion is that the apple didn’t fall very far from the papa tree. (Lets not talk about Fifty shades of grey in this context, right? Emma might have left bite marks on her boyfriend and this could be linked to her father in some way, however not in the fifty shades way.)  Eric Roberts is famous for:  mostly playing bad guys, his temper and his feud with Julia. He said about the feud: “I helped her but she has never helped me. I would love to have her film offers – I just don’t get them. Hollywood has never embraced me. Part of that is my fault because of my behavior in the past. But hey, I’m 44 now. You would think they’d realize I’ve changed. Julia could help me and she hasn’t. I helped her and when she was in a situation to help me she wanted nothing to do with me.” He also added:  “I wasn’t that impressed. Everyone’s going on about how great she was in it but what did she do? Wear some push up bras. It wasn’t great acting.” (This was about Julia’s performance in Erin Brockovich.) Eric’s problems with his temper and his violence may have been the result of his drug use. After he shoved his wife into a wall and was arrested, he vowed to give up drugs altogether.

Which conclusion is the right one according to you? Do you think Emma left bite marks on her boyfriend because of fifty shades of grey intimacy? Or should Roberts be branded the new Chris Brown? Or is it a family trait and should we get used to more news items like this? Let us know in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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