Eva Longoria Might Get Engaged Soon as did Ex Tony Parker

Will This Be For The Right Reasons?

Eva Longoria Might Get Engaged Soon Just Like Ex Tony Parker

Happy days are here again for Eva Longoria. Not only did she just confirm that she is in a committed relationship with Miami entrepreneur, and philanthropist Ernesto Arguello, but sources close to Arguello are hinting that things are very serious between them, and that they might like to tie the knot very soon. (Most people are not too convinced, and think that Eva might get engaged soon, but that it’s not so much for being in love, but that it may be linkd to ex Tony Parker. Who just got engaged.)

Eva and Ernesto spent quality time together in Austin during the holiday. According to the source: “It’s very real – they’re both in love, which is rare for him, they’re always traveling together. His family likes her a lot … they’ve never seen him so taken by someone.”

The couple met the past year when Eva Longoria was producing her reality show. Ernesto was cast in the show, and they quickly became friends. However there was immediate speculation that they were more than just friends. The couple denied those rumors repeatedly, until this week. Eva couldn’t deny the facts any longer, and admitted she was in a relationship with Arguello. The source however does think they are headed for the inevitable white dress, rings, and wedded bliss. Even though both have had their fair share of failed relationships in the past. (An example of those failed relationships is ex Tony Parker. Parker cheated on Longoria, but soon after got engaged to another women. Could it be that Eva wants to keep up with Tony, and therefore might get engaged soon as well?)

The source added: “Eva is a firm believer in marriage, Ernie may be a player while he is single, but he’s never cheated on anyone and is very religious. I think the fact that he’s so family oriented is what attracted her to him.” The source couldn’t help but say: “My guess would be they’ll be married within the next year.”

They would be a perfect fit. They have many things in common, like: they both speak Spanish, have great careers, and have a passion for philanthropy. This was clear when Eva went with Ernesto to visit his native Honduras. The trip also included a visit to see the school that he built, and the surrounding homes, for families who otherwise couldn’t live there.

The couple also has the same priorities. They have strong family ties and are committed to religion. Eva has already met the Arguello family. The family couldn’t say enough nice words about her and Ernesto met Eva’s family in San Antonio.

The source wanted to share some extra inside information by saying: “Eva is so down to earth, she doesn’t ‘act famous’ at all, he is definitely not dating her because she is famous … they’re not a Hollywood couple. They’re very real and very in love.”

However not everyone believes that they should be thinking about marriage already. Most people think that with their track records it would be best to take things slowly. Others even go further by saying that it’s quite fishy that Eva is suddenly talking about getting hitched, especially because Tony Parker, Eva’s notorious cheater-ex, claimed that he is engaged to be married. Katie said: “I find it such s coincidence that tony Parker announced his engagement like last week, and now this week ‘a source’ is telling people that Eva might be getting married.”

Do you agree with Katie? Should they slow things down? Or should they do whatever they want, and see what happens? It might be that Eva will get engaged soon but is it for the right reasons? Or just to be like ex Tony Parker?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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