Angela Merkel Favors Youth Unemployment In Europe

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Angela Merkel Loves Youth Unemployment In Europe

Yesterday, Angela Merkel gave an interview where she explained several of the current problems that Europe is facing. She said: “Youth Unemployment is perhaps the most pressing problem facing Europe at the present time, we in Germany have learned a lot from successfully reducing unemployment by means of structural reform since reunification and we can now bring that experience to bear.”

She continued with the new ways of Southern Europeans going to Germany to find a job there. Merkel noted: “We have no intention of expanding the low-wage sector, as there is a great demand for skilled workers, which cannot always be met by Germans, although they remain of course our first priority. To reiterate, Europe needs a more mobile labour market. To that end, the way students and academics move around the single market as a matter of course could be better reflected among skilled workers.” Many upset youngsters believe that Angela Merkel secretly favors youth unemployment in Europe because it means she can boost Germany’s economy with cheap labor done by overqualified, eager, energetic and grateful youngsters.

An Internet commenter added: “Germany actually loves mass youth unemployment in Europe.

Germany’s population is going to dramatically shrink, it’s 80million+ now but will fall by over 12million the next 50 years. That translates to a lot of older people and fewer workers paying  taxes. They’re going to need millions of younger, working people.

The EU is run by Germany for Germany, they’ll soon start offering generous relocation packages to the bright young unemployed to move to Germany. This solves their population crisis and will possibly keep them ahead of their European competitors forever.” Many people agree with this commenter. Especially the countless unemployed citizens in Spain: (In Spain it’s not even the youngster who get laid off or aren’t able to find work. In addition their are many people working under the radar and not declaring their taxes. When others aren’t even counted anymore because they have truly falling by the wayside.)

Another commenter continued: “they’ve already signed agreements with Spain to cream off their best graduates, voicing satisfaction that it’s “without paying a penny for their education”, but existing red tape creates annoying problems.

The whole of Europe should apparently, according to this article, make itself available as a job pool for the “solvent” countries, which makes for a novel approach to solving Europe’s problems, i.e. it’s easier (and cheaper) to asset-strip the unhealthy bits now, rather than give them time to get back together.”

Might there be a solution? Could we not stick together and give Germany the proverbial finger? Some people think that the best option is to start your own business. Find a niche, an area where people have an itch or a need. (For example; healthier but tasty ice cream, cardio lessons on the beach, new ways to learn a second language etc.) According to an anonymous commenter: ” it’s probably a good idea to teach people about starting their own businesses and offer subsidies, low-interest loans, and free/cheap business counsel. Every thriving small business creates local jobs, which is the whole point.”

What do you think? Is there still hope? Should we make a fist and stand up for ourselves?

Angel Merkel believes she’s found a solution, a favorable youth employment system.

By Georgina Pijttersen



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