Independence Day Has Taken on Bigger Meaning

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Independence Day in the United States is a time to celebrate the freedoms that we earned from our ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. However, this year’s Independence Day has taken on a bigger meaning.

It has been over two months since the April 15th Boston Marathon bombings. However , the harrowing events of that day have a direct tie into today and have made this Independence Day especially poignant: The Boston Marathon is held every year on Patriots’ Day, which commemorates the first two battles of the American Revolution; the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Terrorist are targeting the very freedoms that make up our way of life in order to change our culture.  In their eyes, we are war mongering infidels that need to be destroyed, but the fact is that many are wrong in that perception.

Prior to taking up journalism in college, I was a history major and I can tell you for a fact that the perception that the U.S. is a war mongering nation is far from the truth.

Prior to the September 11th attacks by Al Qaeda, the United States was involved in only one major war since the Vietnam War ended in 1975 and that was the Persian Gulf War of the early 1990s. That war was started by Iraq when Saddam Hussein ordered his forces to invaded Kuwait. Any other military operations in the 1990s were to evacuate American personnel from another country, provide humanitarian relief for a war-torn country and operations that were in conjunction with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In other words we don’t start wars; we finish them.

The invasion of Afghanistan was a direct result of the September 11th attacks by Al Qaeda. This terrorist network was permitted, by the ruling Taliban to develop bases within that country. In order to bring them to justice invading Afghanistan was necessary.

Now many of you will cite that the U.S. had no right to be in Iraq as nobody has ever found weapons of mass destruction in the country, as President George W. Bush claimed. However, you are wrong. The invasion of Iraq was something that was really the result of a decade of tyranny from Hussein who, time and time again, defied NATO and committed crimes against his own people.

Time and time again Americans heard on television from Iraqi refugees of the crimes, but the first evidence of this came in April of 2003 as British forces found a warehouse in Southern Iraq filled with boxes of human remains. The other evidence comes from Human Rights Watch which, in a report, states that over 250 mass graves have been found throughout Iraq with each grave containing the remains of hundreds, if not thousands, of Iraqis.

So Independence Day has taken on a new meaning for Americans for several reasons. Two of them are that it’s a day to enjoy the freedoms that we earned through the sacrifice of others and to remember those who gave their lives protecting them. Finally, that there are people out there that are always looking to take them away and install their vision of what life should be.

So, for those of you inside of the U.S. thinking about doing something that will kill innocent civilians here is some advice.

Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. However, if you dare harm a single innocent civilian we will hunt you down until we capture or kill you. The reason behind this thinking is that we are all human, we’re all born free to live the life we so choose and nobody has the right to ever take that away.

Warning: Photo below is graphic and may be unsuitable to some.


The picture shows one of the many mass graves found through out Iraq
The picture shows one of the many mass graves found throughout Iraq

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