Evo Morales Plane Incident Outrages all of South America


Bolivian President Morales waves from his plane before leaving the Vienna International Airport in SchwechatWhen Bolivia President Evo Morales presidential aircraft was forced to land in Austria, the countries of South America became outraged.  There is a great deal of certainty that before the plane was forced to land in Vienna, the White House spin doctors were hard at work, and had already prepared their comments.

The official word from the White House was:  “The White House denies any involvement in the grounding of Morales’ plane.”

The French, who refused permission for Morales’ plane to use its air space, said that “they revoked the flying permit because they were not aware it was the president’s plane.”

France apologized to Bolivia:  “The Foreign Minister called his Bolivian counterpart to tell him about France’s regrets after the incident caused by the late confirmation of permission for President Morales’ plane to fly over (French) territory,” French Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Philippe Lalliot said in a statement.

French president, Francois Hollande, claims he opened French air space as soon as he was aware Morales was on board.

“There was conflicting information about the passengers who were on board,” Hollande noted in Berlin, cited Expatica.com.

When Morales planed landed in Vienna, all passengers were requested to deplane, and present their passports.  There are conflicting reports as to whether or not they searched the aircraft.  Morales and his entourage were positive that they believed Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, was on board.

The claim by the White House that they were not involved in the grounding of Morales’ airplane is very suspect.  The French Claims lean even farther away from what appears to be the truth.

The Austrian authorities, of course, found nothing.  So what was accomplished?

The immediate negative reaction is by the Latin American community, and the countries of South America.

Bolivia is planning to make a formal complaint to the U.N.

“What’s at stake here is … the dignity of Bolivia and the dignity of Latin America,” said Sacha Llorenti Soliz, Bolivia’s envoy to the UN on Wednesday in Geneva. Bolivian vice-president Alvaro Garcia Linera for his part likened the incident to an “imperialist hijack.”

Brazilian journalist Mauricio Savarese told RT that a split between anti-American groups, and U.S. allies would most likely occur.

“Some countries that are very closely allied to Morales have been very vocal, but many others have kept silence. That’s the case for Chile, Colombia and Brazil, the biggest country in the region,” he told RT. He added that countries closer to Morales like Argentina, Nicaragua and Venezuela were more likely to press the agenda for criticism of the US.

“The posture of Latin America might be of strong criticism on the microphones, but behind the scenes it’s going to be a little more split than it seems,” he said.

It seems as though our government is hell bent on destroying relations with every nation in the world.  Continuing to take rash action makes the world less safe for American business and tourism.

And, what deep, dark secrets does Snowden possess that would cause our government to violate international law and be the motivator for such a despicable incident?

What other comments will come from the White House?  Without question their spin doctors are preparing excuses and explanations at this very moment. Meanwhile, all of   South America is outraged.

Alfred James reporting


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