Joey Chestnut Eats 69 Hot Dogs – Sets Record

Joey Chestnut is the greatest hot dog eater in the world, winning at Nathan's and setting the world record of 69 dogs eaten.
Joey Chestnut is the greatest hot dog eater in the world, winning at Nathan’s and setting the world record of 69 dogs eaten.

It’s the fourth of July, Independence Day in the great United States of America. Fireworks not included, I dare you to find a tradition more fitting for the day than the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition on Coney Island. Joey Chestnut not only won his seventh straight title at the event, but he did so in world record setting fashion, downing 69 delicious hot dogs.

As Americans across the country prepare their barbecues, think for a second what it would feel like to have 69 hot dogs floating around your stomach. Currently, I am grilling up the feast I will serve at my get together later on this evening. It feels like I have a lot of meat on the grill, however I can not help but imagine that this would prove nothing more than a snack for the incredible appetite of Joey Chestnut.

Joey Chestnut keeps getting better at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. Last year he ate what then was an astonishing 62 hot dogs, seven less than he was able to stomach this year. The competition might as well have stayed home and saved themselves from the caloric intake that proved unable to unseat Chestnut. Second place came up 18 hot dogs short of Chetnuts’ new world record of 69 hot dogs.

The event is a staple of the fourth of July festivities if you have not had the privilege of watching men from all over the globe convene together to see who can better stuff their face. Nationally televised, and broadcast like any other major sporting event. Contestants have walk out music and entries similar to what one would see in the WWE. Entertaining throughout, the event embodies the celebration of our nation’s independence for thousands of Americans.

An event that welcomes anyone as a participant, the lone woman this year was Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas. She was able to down a respectable 37 hot dogs. Not too shabby considering that has to be close to her body weight. Sonya weighed in (yes there is a weigh in) at just 100 pounds.

In case you are wondering just how much Joey Chestnut ate during his record setting gorge. Darren Rovell estimated the nutritional content of his 69 hot dogs to be 20,010 calories, 1,173 g of fat, 48,990 mg of sodium, 759 g of protein (per BleacherReport.)

Joey Chestnut is the best of the best when it comes to eating hot dogs, establishing a new world record for dogs eaten at 69 while winning his seventh straight Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title. Coveted prizes come along with winning the title, including a mustard wrestling belt and a $10,000 prize.

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