Extreme Weight Loss Jason and Rachel (Preview)

On Tuesday, July 2, (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network, the Extreme Weight Loss episode “Jason and Rachel” will be the first time that transformational specialist and trainer Chris Powell has ever worked with a married couple.  Jason, 35, and Rachel, 34, are the happily married couple — but, can they stay happily married throughout the year that they both try to meet their weight loss goals?

Other than being severely overweight, these high school sweethearts from South Lyon, MI with five-year-old twins have a picture perfect life. However, during their first workout together as a couple, Chris comes to realize that Jason has only committed to the program to please Rachel. Chris hopes the transformation process won’t tear them apart. Jason’s doubts about their chances for success overshadow Rachel’s excitement and motivation.

The couple are both surprised at their first weigh-in when Jason comes in at 362 pounds and Rachel’s starting weight is 290 pounds. If they can reach their six-month weight loss challenge, Chris has promised the couple a trip to New York and the Empire State Building, where Jason proposed to Rachel 13 years ago.

Jason and Rachel hope to become a stronger couple and an even stronger family during their one-year weight loss journey. They also hope to gain each other’s  support and a renewed commitment toward their marriage along the way.

Jason, on the couple’s Facebook page, says:

Just to give everyone an update, since we have been kind of quiet. Rachel and I have been promising the twins we would take them camping since last summer. We had no idea when we booked our trip to Ludington State Park our episode would air at the same time. The last and final difficulty would be the complete lack of cell and TV signal. But being the consummate planners we are, we have booked a hotel room in town not far from the campsite. So we will see everyone on TV, Facebook and Twitter tomorrow @ 8PM EST and 7PM CST.”

In the past, when Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi, the co-hosts of Extreme Weight Loss, have worked with a couple, like the twins David and Rebecca, one aspect that had to be dealt with is one of them falling back into his/her poor eating habits.

For instance, David, though he exercised and lost the weight he needed to, continued to eat junk food around Rebecca, which created tension and made Rebecca think that her brother didn’t care enough about her feelings and attempts to reach her own weight loss goal.

Will Jason’s initial doubts that they can achieve their weight loss goals prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or, will he and his wife, Rachel, manage to reach their weight loss goals despite Jason’s skepticism?

I hope that Jason and Rachel and their twins have a fun time camping, and that they both managed to stick to their weight loss goals, with the help of the Powells. Tune in tomorrow to ABC to find out, then read my review after the show!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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    It`s gonna be good!

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