Extreme Weight Loss Mehrbod (Review)


Extreme Weight Loss Merhbod on July 16 focused on the weight loss goal of Merhmod Mohammadi, 32. He’s a DJ and has an attractive girlfriend, but this child of the  Iran/Iraq war had a rough time of it before he found success, and the time he spent in a camp where food was scarce and in Iran when there was a shortage of food instilled in him the addiction for food that made him eventually rise to the weight of 434 pounds.

That was Merhbod’s initial weigh-in. He calls obesity a “big trap.” It’;s a trap to him in that he can’t do many things he’d like to do, such as skiing.

“Portion size is the largest thing for me. when I was given milk as a kid, I would drink so much of it I’d throw up,” Mehrbod said.

“It’s just been a constant battle of gain, gain, gain” he said. According to Mehrbod, his weight “affects everyone around me.”

His girlfriend said that when Mehrbod got over 500 pounds, she “never really noticed.”

He wants to ask her parents’ for her hand in marriage, but he feels that “the only thing that stands in my way is my weight.” That’s true love for you, but she was concerned when she took a video of her boyfriend sleeping.

She  showed him that he stopped breathing during his sleep. The show’s producer said that he could possibly die from a recurring instance of that syndrome.

“You can only lie to yourself for so long,” he says. It was the turning point for him, and he said it’s a terrible feeling to go to bed at night and not know if you’ll ever wake up.

We got to see Mehrbod DJ at a nightclub. He said of his weight:  “In every aspect of my life — it’s destroying me.”

Chris Powell appeared on screen behind Merhbod, singing a little, and then he said to get ready and meet him at Boot Camp.

Merhbod started to work out even before he met Chris. He said he started at 500 pounds. His goal: 230.

“With your guidance and expertise, I have no doubt I can be 230 pounds,” Mehrbod tells Chris. When he stepped on the scale at his initial weigh-in, he weighed 434 pounds.

Chris introduced Mehrbod to Paulette, the show’s nutritionist. She told him 5-7 ounces of protein is what he should be eating per meal, not enough for six people, as he had been eating.

The show’s doctor met with him and siad he’s fairly healthy for a person his size, but when he’s asleep, and stops breathing, he was experiencing a certain amount of brain damage. The doctor gave him a device to use at night to make sure he didn’t die in his sleep.

Chris then had Mehrbod do what he called a “Fight or Flight” workout. “This is my opportunity to see if Merhbod is going to run or if he’s going to fight through this,” Chris said.

Chris had Merbod hang by his arms from a chin-up bar. Mehrbod compared how it felt with what it might be like to be torn apart in Medieval times by horses. He survived the time Chris had set for him to hang there, but you could tell how difficult it was for him by seeing the expression of pain on his face as he simply hung there.

“A lot of people like me who are morbidly obese don’t have the support that I have,” Mehrbod siad. He was just too embarrassed to admit that he needed  help before.

When Mehrbod arrived at his parents’ house, he saw how Chris and his own family renovated his house, and created a gym for him.

The first three months, my original goal for you was 125 pounds. “Or, I want you to be given the chance to make history and lose 135 pounds. That would be the biggest  loss for the first three months of anyone yet on Extreme Weight Loss.

“Even though my body’s aching, it feels better…to know the power that lies within me and what I can do,” he said.

Mehrbod started to cook for his parents, sister,  and girlfriend. Chris thanked Mehrbod’s family for inviting him into their house and being so welcoming, and supportive to Mehrbod.

“Excercise doens’t have to be confined to a gym. The thing is, Mehrbod loves sports,” Chris said, and he and Merhbod played basketball outside.

Then, we saw Mehrbod working out on a series of exercise equipment, like a recombinant bike.

“I can’t walk in there with a straight face and say, ‘Hey, I can take care of your daughter,’ when I can’t take care of myself,” Mehrbod says to Chris. Chris tells him that if he hits his first weight loss goal, he will buy Mehrbod the engagement ring to give to his girlfriend, Mona.

At the 3-month weigh-in, when Chris looked a the scale, he couldn’t believe what he saw. “No way!” he exclaimed. If the scale showed 299 pounds or less, Mehrbod would have met his goal.

“No way! Oh, my God! Dude, you lost 137 pounds!” Chris shouted. Mehrbod embraced everyone there.

“Oh my gosh! You have full bragging rights from this moment on!” Chris said. “:It’s one of those moments I’ll never forget in my life,” he added.

“In the next three months, I want you to lose 55 pounds,” Chris told Merhbod. “if you do 55 pounds, I’m happy. If you do 67 pounds….”

Mehrbod tried on his old ski jacket he wore in the eighth grade. It fit him perfectly!

Chris surprised him by saying he would take Mehrbod and Moan on a ski trip to Whistler, Canada, if he made his Phase 2 weight loss goal of 55 pounds.

Before he left, Chris took Mehrbod shopping for Mona’s wedding ring.”She’s just been so supportive about everything,” Mehrbod said.

“Putting the ring on Mona’s finger will be life-changing,” Mehrbod said. He wanted to get her a simple band, with a nice, round-cut diamond.

“To pick out something so special for the love of your life is an amazing feeling,” Mehrbod said.

“Losing 67 pounds is such a lofty goal,” Chris said.

Mehrbod’s work schedule, and travel, made it especially difficult for him to lose weight. But, now, he tells the camera he can actually sleep well, and doesn’t have to struggle to just get a breath of air when he sleeps.

Mona and Mehrbod met Chris at Whistler for the 6-month weigh-in. He was 297 at his last weigh-in. When he stepped on the scale this time, he came in shy of his goal, weighing 256 pounds. He lost 41 pounds instead of the 67 he’d wanted to lose.

Chris asked them both if they were up for the challenge, to make up for the 26 pounds in Phase 3. They both said “Yes!” Then Chris took them skiing.

“I don’t know the first thing about skiing,” Chris said, “so I brought in an expert. Gold and silver medalist, Picabo Street!”

It had been 12 years since Mehrbod had gone skiing, but with pointers from Picabo, he was able to ski once again, just like riding a bike.

“I heard great stories about how he grew up skiing,” Mona said. “Now I can see him do it.”

Picabo challenged Chris and Mehrbod to a skiing race to the bottom of the course. They both accepted her challenge. She zoomed down in a tuck at the end, like lightning.

“It’s on like Donkey Kong,” Mehrbod said to Chris. Chris was nervous.

He should have been, as Mehrbod beat him by about 11 seconds. Picabo gave Mehrbod a gold medal, and hung it around his neck.

“Mona means the world to me, ” Mehrbod said. “There are so many things we can do together that we hadn’t been able to do because of my weight,” he added.

“There’s now way I can thank you for choosing me when I weighed 500 pounds,” Mehrbod tells Mona.

He skied more, jumped roped, pulled a sledge indoors–then, the day came to ask Mona’s parents for her hand in marriage.

He said that the day didn’t go very well, that they were not happy with the career that he’d chosen. He told the camera: “We’ll see what happens.”

At day 226, away from Mona, he said: “That life raft is away from me and I felt like I’m drowning.”

“Mehrbod is unstoppable. He’s an absolute machine,” Chris siad.

Little did Chrsi know, though, that Mehrbod was doctoring the videos. Chris said: “He’ down to 227 already,” but that really wasn’t the case.

“I’m really scared about what’s going on with my life,” Mehrbod said. Instead of being the 10 pounds away from his goal, as Chris had though, Mehrbod hand’t lost that much wieght at all. He told Chris he’d be frank with him: “Me and Mona have split up. We’re taking a little break.”

“Her parents are uncomfortable with what I do, They want doctors and lawyers. It’s just been a horrible Phase 3 for me. The first thing I did was wnet back to my addiction. I have a confession to make. I’ve basically been lying about my weight.”

“This whole process is not about numbers on a scale. It’s about commitments and keeping promises to yourself. I’m so pissed that you lied to me right now,” Chris told him angrily.

“I’m really sorry,” Merhbod said. He was crying. “It’s just been too much, with the break-up, and my work.”

“You’re breaking promises to not only me and everyone else, but yourself,” Chris told him. He said he didn’t think he could  trust Mehrbod any longer, and that they’d have to start all over from Square One.

“Let’s just get this over and see where your new starting point is,” Chris told Mehrbod.

Mehrbod’s weigh-in was very disappointing to both himself and Chris. Chris said “Holy—-!”

Mehrbod had gained 46 pounds in the last few months. “That’s like a pound every few days,” Chris said.

“It’s textbook addict behavior,” Chris said. “His work is meaningless right now. It has no value to anyone, not himself nor me.”

Mehrbod had both lost more weight than anyone else in Phase 1, breaking that record; he had also gained back more, breaking a second record.

“We’ve got three more months,” Chris said. “The next three months — they’ll define Mehrbod.”

At the final weigh-in, Chris told everyone assembled about how Mehrbod had done, first his successes, then his falling back into his old habits, and gaining more weight than anyone ever had.

But, Mehrbod made good with the 3 months he had left of the year. The huge, larger-than-life photo of Mehrbod when he was at his first weigh-in and weighed 434 pounds was raised up, and Mehrbod walked out in a suit, looking cool and studly,  to the applause of everyone gathered there.

Mehrbod had even shaved his beard off for the occasion, and he said that he was back with Mona again.

“What a year it’s been, huh?” Chris asked him.

“Its been the hardest year ever,” Mehrbod agreed.

“Was it worth it? Chrsi asked him.

“It was all worth it,” Mehrbod said.

The plastic surgeon came out and told Mehrbod if he hit 235 pounds, a loss of 66 pounds, he would do the surgery for free.

Chris told him he’d never had anyone lose that much ever in Phase 3. He asked if Mehrbod was ready to step on the scales, and when he did, his weight was 230 pounds! He’d blown the reord away, once again!

Look at you now!” Chris said. I’ve never had anyone in my entire career lose that much in Phase 4! 72 pounds!”

Mehrbod thanked Chris, and then Chris presented him with a gift from Walmart to use on his computer and help him with his D’ing career. Then, Chris gave him a $25,000 gift card from Walmart.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Chris said. “I’ve got more grey hairs on my chin now than at the start of this year.”

Chris called Mehrbod the “Comeback Kid.” Mehrbod told Chris that he “loved him,” and Chris said: “I love you, too, buddy.”

Merhbod succeeded at reaching his Final Weight Loss Goal, and also qualified for the surgery; but, his biggest success was in changing his addictive eating habits, transforming his life, and having a beautiful girlfriend who loves him. It was yet another great episode of Extreme Weight Loss. What will next week bring?

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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