Father Facebook Knows it All: It is Confession Time in Asia

Confession craze is devouring Asia. People are pouring out their hearts, loves, hates, guilt, guilty pleasures on special Facebook pages called ‘Confessions’ or #Confessions on Twitter. The young Indians are greatly affected by these confessions. Today, everyone is a confessor and they are confessing it to Father Facebook. Father Facebook knows it all.

Every school, college, university, institution, organization or even public transport has their own confession page. Students confess their deeds, crushes, infatuations, exam worries, poor marks, grumpy Profs or sins loudly on Facebook confession pages. Many boy students are coming out as “gay” through these pages. And yes, heart-breakers & heartbrokens also reside side by side on these pages. It is an open platform of words.  Daily passengers of local train confess their hearts on Confession pages; even a mere restaurant or coffee shop has its own confession page. Customers confess their moments in the shop, staring at some stranger, having a first date or ogling the waiter.

The craze of Confession box becomes so viral and vibrant that other social networks are trying to introduce it, at least in Asia. Many apps are already here to bother Facebook. Twitter users are using “#” to confess their things. The WhatsApp confession page of Delhi metro train got 2, 97,777 likes.

Gone are the days when a confession meant sitting inside a dark box and haltingly pouring your heart out to a Catholic priest behind a curtain. Or for some others, it meant a steamy page in a magazine. But now, it’s raining confessions. From India to Indonesia, Japan to China, everyone has a story to tell. So, really it is confession time in Asia. Father Facebook gives a sympathetic ear to every confessor.

True Confessions go to…



The trend took off earlier this year, after one engineering college opened their Confession page, following in the footsteps of colleges west. Soon, the page went viral and spawned many such pages. These pages are replete with confessions like, “We almost touched each other in Rosy’s pub, plz call me” or “I kissed my cousin and her mom saw me doing that” or “The girl in yellow skirt stole my heart” or something more silly or crazy!!

Zein, a 16-year-old school boy said, “First, I came across a confession page of a high school; soon I thought why not my school? And I created a Confession page for my school”. During exams, these pages become a stress buster for students; they pen their worries, depressions, poor marks, or targeting some good students and so on. An engineering student said he felt “liberated” after confessing his poor marks n this page. But in many cases confessions are being used to bully. School bullying is being encouraged by such pages and Facebook is giving the platform.  Often it creates misunderstanding in relationships as a post once posted can’t be taken back. Confessors are being targeted in some cases.

But still, not all youngsters are going with the flow.  As the Confessions come on special Facebook pages are “Anonymous”, it can’t be totally called a confession. “If no one knows who it is, it’s not confession. It is more like writing on toilet wall or city walls during night”, says 20 years old college-goer.

The other problem with these pages it that there is no closure, points out a consultant. “In these pages there is no priest making the sign of a cross,” he stresses. “There is no one to advise them to move on”.

Father Facebook may conquer many hearts with confessions. But it is transitory. Like any other digital craze, confessions may fade away soon for other whims. But for now, Facebook and twitter both are battling to get enough of it. Most observers believe that confessions will move on with their confessors. Virtual trends, after all, are gone with the click of a button. For now, it is time to confess, Asia!! So, love it or loathe it, confession will be there, changing the medium. Want to confess something?


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul


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