Real-life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Says She is Spiritual Guru in New Documentary

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Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova also known as the ‘real-life Barbie doll’ has been a ‘Youtube’ presence for some time. With her minuscule waist, large breasts and expressive make-up, she is known for raising a few eye-brows. Brows will continue to be raised as the dainty darling recently revealed in a documentary featured by ‘VICE’ that she is a “spiritual guru.” The video starts with the model floating in space, chanting the names of gods. Following, Lukyanova states it’s her mission to help people move from the role of the “human consumer” to the role of “human demi-god.” The full video link is at the end of this article.

The video is labeled ‘Space Barbie.’ The 20 minute documentary focuses on a different aspect of the ‘real-life Barbie.’ She talks about seeing different dimensions and decided she would become a master of her own domain. In the video, the dead-panned beauty states “My name is Valeria, but my spiritual name is Amatue.”

Lukyanova states she is a guru that focuses on connecting spiritual lectures with spiritual subjects. Through portions of the documentary video, she is seen holding her gold-plated compact mirror, verifying every hair follicle is in perfect unison. The ‘Barbie’ shows scenes that display her watching videos of, naturally, herself. Throughout the video, her face remains neutral and when she is in ‘Barbie’ mode her eyes remain wide, her head slightly tilted.

During the video, she simply states “perfection has no limit.” Lukyanova revels in surprising her fans with new eye make-up looks. When the camera turns to her beautiful sister, Olga Lukyanova, she asks her ‘Barbie’ sister if she looks okay. The dutiful response was “you smile too much. Whenever you smile, you can see your second chin.” She actually tells her sister to imagine she is “mourning” to maintain the pouty look the video star has perfected.

Olga defended her sister and called her “very bright and interesting” which seemed counterproductive of calling the global sensation a “Barbie.” The video focuses on Lukyanova looking to alter her impressive sister with make-up tips and how to avoid offering any facial expressions. The star stated she actually takes it as a compliment to those who call her a doll, as it speaks of femininity and refinement.

Millions of young girls, some as young as 7-years-old are vying to look like the Internet starlet and Lukyanova is pleased many want to do so. The video continues showing the ‘Barbie’ star creepily moving her head side to side, watching videos of people who are against her path of life. Lukyanova states she enjoys the attention, calling herself a “vampire” to receive it. She claims she went to a therapist to explain her astral experiences and the therapist stated he agreed she was a “psychic.”

The young Lukyanova groups with her friends also called “spiritual soul-mates” over candlelight in a dark room, making noises that resemble that of purring cats. She goes into her stories of astral projection that send her to tribes from centuries past. The documentary is sure to have millions tuning in as well as wondering about the many layers of the ‘real-life Barbie.’ From her mentions of becoming a demi-god, to previous lives of being a man and a king, the documentary video is sure to bring curious minds to watch. You can decide if Lukyanova is a spiritual guru.

Angelina Bouc

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To watch the full-length documentary click here–>Space Barbie Documentary




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