Fox News: Fair, Balanced and Just Not Playing Along

Fox news
Every Conservative and Libertarian knows how easy it is to get under the skin of Leftists; whether they call themselves Democrats, Liberals, Progressives or Socialists – there really is almost no difference, any more. With almost the entire so-called ‘mainstream media’ firmly under the thumb of the Obama administration, one cable news channel gets under the Left’s collective skin like no other; Fox News, with the byline “Fair and Balanced”, is just not playing along.

Liberals’ heads explode when one mentions Fox. They have an automatic, pre-programmed, knee-jerk reaction to the mention of the channel; they will launch into a series of accusations, such as Fox is not a ‘real’ news channel; Fox is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Republican Party; Fox lies; Fox distorts the facts, etc. Challenge them to provideĀ  verifiable evidence to corroborate such accusations and they quickly become exasperated, knowing – but not wanting to admit – that they are completely unable to do so. They may come up with an example or two of Fox taking someone’s words out of context. If one could argue that Fox has, on occasion, been guilty of this, one could also counter – in all fairness and honesty – that the channel has done so no more often than any other channel.

A quick glance at the ratings for cable news shows that Fox dominates in every time-slot and in almost every demographic for each time-slot. This is infuriating for Liberals, who like to think that the majority of Americans think the way they do. Since the majority of Americans, who watch television news, are watching Fox, this is obviously not the case – not to mention that polls show, time and time again, that a majority of Americans consider themselves Conservative.

What really upsets Liberals about Fox News is that this channel is just not playing along; it refuses to validate their beliefs, as almost all other mainstream media outlets do. Fox refuses – unlike CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC and CBS – to slobber over every word President Obama speaks. Fox covers the stories that make the Obama administration – and, by extension – its loyal subjects on the Left, look incompetent, hypocritical, dishonest and, in some cases, completely corrupt and dishonest. At a time when one is branded a ‘racist’ for even daring to question the President, criticism of him is simply not tolerated.

The idea that Fox shills for the Republican Party would seem highly amusing to anyone who watches Fox for any length of time. Republican members of Congress who appear on the show face tough questioning and, occasionally, are berated mercilessly for a particular bill, particular vote or a statement they had made somewhere else. The Republican Party, as a whole, routinely causes some of Fox’s big names, such as Bill O’Reilly (not a registered Republican) and Sean Hannity (not a registered Republican) to almost suffer nervous breakdowns. The ever-professional Brit Hume (has described himself as a Conservative, but not as a Republican) is another who has no time for political shenanigans, no matter which party or politician is involved. By contrast, criticism of the Democratic Party is completely absent from all other news channels.

In addition, Fox would shed viewers faster than MSNBC is currently doing, were it to act as a Republican Party propaganda outlet: The majority of the channel’s viewers are Conservatives and Libertarians – most of whom have become completely disillusioned with, and angry at, the Republican Party.

Other than listing the many well-documented cases of CNN and MSNBC actually presenting proven lies as news, doctoring audio tapes and doctoring photographs, in order to mislead, the objectivity test for news networks is very simple: Watch Fox News for a week, and one will see a number of Liberals appearing as hosts, co-hosts, analysts, contributors or regular guests. They opine freely and are treated with respect; Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Bob Beckel and Sally Kohn, to name just a few. Conversely, watch each of the other channels for a week and one will imagine that there are no such creatures as Conservatives, for none are to be found on any of these channels – with the occasional exception. It would, of course, be remiss and unfair to ignore the fact that the brilliant S.E. Cupp co-hosts a show on MSNBC – so there’s one. Those Conservative pundits who do appear are often talked over, shouted at or otherwise disrespected.

In the news media industry, as a whole, objectivity is scarce. Whilst Fox is unquestionably more objective than any other TV news channel, there is still no disputing the fact that it leans, predominantly, to the Right – as does the nation. Online news is much the same. The Las Vegas Guardian Express breaks the mold with an inclusive editorial policy; publishing opinion from both Left and Right.

Objectivity? Fairness? Honesty? None of the cable, or network, news channels – other than Fox – display any of these qualities. Fox News is fair, balanced and just not playing along, which is why Liberals hate it: Without their dose of Democratic Party propaganda, White House propaganda and someone to validate their questionable belief system, they cannot make it through the day.

An Op/Ed by Graham J Noble

7 Responses to "Fox News: Fair, Balanced and Just Not Playing Along"

  1. John   December 12, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Why would Liberals be so up in arms if Fox was actually “Fair and Balanced”? Why would you mention that only conservatives watch Fox? I think those two points that you make prove that Fox is biased to the right just as other stations that conservative detest are biased left. Being a cynic I can tell you that I don’t believe a single word spoken by anyone from any news outlet. One can only get to the truth of a story by researching the story themselves. In this new media landscape we all live in ratings equal money and “give the peaople what they want” has long since replaced “give the people the unbiased truth” for all news outlets. Apparently even for

  2. David Sherwood   October 4, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Have you ever watched Fox News??? Fair and Balanced!!! You’ve got to be crazy!!

    • Graham Noble   October 4, 2013 at 8:43 pm

      I don’t watch any of the cable news channels anymore, but let me ask you these questions: How many Conservatives work for CNN? How many Conservatives work for MSNBC? ABC? CBS? Collectively, not more than one or two….that is a fact. How many Liberals work for Fox News? I could give you at least eight names right off the top of my head.

      So, it is obvious that you are not interested in “fair and balanced”; you are only interested in watching channels that tell you ONLY what you agree with.

      …and you call ME crazy!

  3. jg wollaston   October 2, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    I am a liberal, and my head doesn’t explode when someone mentions Fox. I often watch Fox, because I want to understand what right-wingers are thinking.

    I have news for you: We live in a democracy. We are not living in a one-party dictatorship. As, as a citizen of this fine country, I understand, and accept, that people will not accept my opinions, and that I have to allow other people to express opinionw with which I disagree.

    Votes, not violence, is what makes the American politican system work.

    • Graham Noble   October 2, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      I find your comment refreshing, to an extent – coming from a Liberal. I have news for you, however: Firstly, we do not live in a Democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic. Secondly, we are much closer to a dictatorship than you would obviously like to believe.

  4. newswatcher   August 4, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    What a joke. Anyone has only to search real news sites to see many taking Obama and other democrats to task for things done wrong. Crying that Fox News is the only honest news outlet and everyone else is wrong is a bit like the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. Those who believe Fox is telling the truth because it’s what fuels their mindset are welcome to it. Can anyone who watches any news elsewhere be wrong who dare to say, no, the emperor is wearing no clothes after all.

    • Graham Noble   August 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      Can you actually provide examples of other mainstream media outlets “taking Obama and other democrats to task”? Other than an occasional tepid editorial, it doesn’t happen.

      Personally, I disagree with much of the opinion that is put forth on Fox, but it is undeniable that it’s the only channel that is critical of this President and this administration. Perhaps you don’t see it because you don’t want to see it.


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