French Woman Attacked by Several Feral Cats

Warning: Do Not Piss Off Your Cats


In France, Sunday, a woman walking her poodle in a wooded French area was attacked by several feral cats.  They both needed medical attention.  There’s a warning in all this, ‘do not piss off your cats.’

The incident happened in Belfort, in eastern France.  The 31 year old woman was strolling with her poodle when at least six feral cats pounced on her and her dog.  She was knocked to the ground.

She was treated at a nearby hospital and given a rabies injection.  Her dog was also treated at a nearby veterinary hospital.

Josette Galliot, the mother of the victim, said, “The cats jumped on my daughter and managed to knock her over. They bit her on the leg and on her arms. They even pierced an artery.”

“My daughter thought it was a living nightmare. She’s still traumatized and is bordering on depression,” Galliot said.

What had the 31-year-old woman done to cats in her past?  Or, maybe it was the dog they were after.  Poodles and cats seldom like each other.  They’re very competitive.

Local veterinarians were at a loss to explain the attack.  They said it may have been the heat.

One veterinary specialist said that it may have been as simple as the cats protecting their territory.

“Cats are not new zombies of the apocalypse,” Valerie Dramard said reassuringly. “They are just very territorial and unfriendly with unknown species.”

Cats are well known to be aggressive hunters.  Dramard said there are far too many feral cats born in the area every year.

“We must get rid of this scourge,” Galliot said. “There are too many cats in the neighborhood, many of which are strays. There are also lots of children here. We don’t want it to happen again.”

For you ‘cat haters,’ and dog lovers, veterinarians were quick to point out that when dogs travel in packs, they have been proven to be unprovoked attackers as well.

For now, take this as a warning; don’t piss off your cats.

Alfred James reporting


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