Fruit For an Imperishable You

Fruit for an Imperishable you
Everybody has a little bit of a sweet tooth and with certain seasons you’re just in for a treat…like summer time and strawberries! There is nothing like strawberries straight off the bush!  Sweet, juicy, mouthwatering berries can somehow make you feel like a kid all over again.  Besides their emotionally satisfying and hunger quenching abilities, these beautiful red fruits have amazing health properties that can enhance bodily endurance for a near imperishable you!

If you think about what nutrients come to mind about strawberries, the first thing is likely Vitamin C – it seems we’ve all heard about that one.  Strawberries are an incredible source of this important nutrient, but there is so much more!  Other anti-oxidants found richly in strawberries are kaempferols, flavonoids and quercetin.  They also contain phenols which give them their red color.  Phenols and quercetin both are anti-inflammatory and can assist conditions such as osteoarthritis, cancer, asthma and atherosclerosis. Flavonoids assist in the strength of blood vessels and capillaries and kaempferols are also anti-inflammatory and have been shown to increase cellular energy expenditure and thyroid hormone activation!

Strawberries are also abundant in B vitamins such as B-6, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and the sometimes hard to come by -folic acid.  Good for the eyes, bones, skin and connective tissues, eating strawberries regularly (especially while in season) can contribute to an imperishable you!  Did you know eating a strawberry before bed can help prevent cavities and tooth decay – even if you don’t have a tooth brush handy?  These sweet delicacies whiten the teeth and can help prevent bad breath.  Full of ellagic acid, strawberries can help protect your skin against harmful U.V. rays if applied topically.

Inflammation and collagen destruction are apparently two main causes of the development of wrinkles.  By eating and applying strawberries topically now and again, we can reduce and even retard the development of wrinkles. These delicious red fruits are high in alpha hydroxy acids, found to be superb for your skin.  Strawberries have a tendency to go ‘bad’ pretty quickly, but don’t throw them away!  Instead, create a luscious face or hair care formula with them.  Strawberries are one of the best natural remedies for acne, so don’t worry…it’s berry time!

For the face, simply slice a ripe strawberry and smooth it around clean-washed face, wait a few minutes (up to 10) and rinse.  If you have tired eyes, just like the famous cucumber, strawberries work great to soothe the eyes and take away dark circles.  On the whole body, you can easily make a straw-berry sugar scrub by smashing ripened strawberries (several) into 2/3 cup of sugar – I like to use turbinado sugar so it has all the nutrients.  Use in the shower like you would any scrub and experience your skin getting softer and softer!

For the hair, mix a strawberry or two with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise or an egg white, rinse hair, massage in.  Wait 10-15 minutes…maybe while you shave or do a thorough body wash…and then rinse out.  Your hair is sure to feel extra smooth and silky after the rejuvenating effects of strawberry takes hold!  Of all the fruits this season, make sure you pick up some strawberries for, oh so many reasons, and tap into that imperishable you!  You’ll be happy you did!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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