Get Out Alive with Bear Grylles Down to Final 7 Teams

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls (NBC 9/8 CT), one of this summer’s hottest new series, started out the season with 10 two-man teams in the competition. Now, they’re down to the final 7 teams.

Tomorrow night’s episode is titled “The Mountains Will Give You Strength.” Which of the final 7 teams will be eliminated? Which would you like to see stay, or go?

What is Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls about?

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls is a larger-than-life adventure reality competition series hosted by world-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls.

Grylls leads this non-stop extreme survival journey. It began with 10 teams, and is now down to just 7. The series tests the teams of two beyond their wildest imaginations as they venture into the unforgiving and dramatic landscape of New Zealand’s South Island.

Their mission is threefold: survive the wild, journey as a group and avoid elimination. Bear will send home another team each week. In the end, only one duo will remain — the team that Grylls believes has shown the most heart, courage, initiative and resolve in their quest to “get out alive.” The winning duo will claim a life-changing grand prize of $500,000.

The landscapes tackled will be harsh, remote and physically and emotionally draining. They will range from dense forests and sheer mountain drop-offs, to freezing cold rivers and unforgiving glacier crevasses. The contestants, having to navigate the worst that the wild can throw at them every step of the way, will be battling to survive like never before.

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls - Season 1

Every team is assigned a task to take charge of throughout each leg of the journey, like “food,” “fire” “shelter” and “obstacles.” The competition is not a race, but it’s a life-changing adventure to reveal the raw survival spirit needed to “get out alive.”

All along the way, Bear, the ultimate adventure survival expert, will be watching, either from vantage points or while traveling with the group. Grylls is looking for that survival spirit, resourceful skill and heart-led determination that he knows the wild demands. Bear will step in, if the situation requires, but all the time, the duos must work together to overcome the cold, fatigue and hardships. There are difficult and emotional decisions to be made by Bear at the end of each leg of the journey as he chooses who should leave the expedition.

As the stakes get higher, the obstacles become more unyielding. As civilization gets closer, the journeys get harder, until ultimately only one duo remains. That team will have endured and survived the ultimate test of character and fortitude — walking away with the grand prize, along with the scars and pride that they proved themselves capable to “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.”

This series marks the first time international television star Grylls will debut on network television.

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls - Season 1

What obstacles will the final 7 teams face in the Monday, July 29 episode?

During the July 29 episode of Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, the seven remaining teams confront their most grueling journey to date! The seven remaining teams are taken by a door-less helicopter to the base of a raging waterfall and instructed to ascend.

Also, short of food, hunger sets in, and teams rely on Bear for strength to continue. To add to the drama of this intense episode, one team reaches their breaking point.

In the end, one team will be sent home and only one duo will remain – the team that has shown the most heart, courage, initiative and resolve in their quest to “get out alive” will ultimately claim a life-changing grand prize of $500,000.

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls is co-produced by Bear Grylls Ventures and Ben Silverman’s multimedia studio, Electus. Grylls, Silverman, Chris Grant, Laura Caraccioli and Doug McCallie serve as executive producers.

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Written by: Douglas Cobb

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One Response to "Get Out Alive with Bear Grylles Down to Final 7 Teams"

  1. Terryshilo   July 29, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    I’m hoping the two best friends from West Hollywood or the son and and dad from Washington state win. It’s tough, because so far they all have seemed to be likeable people. I don’t see the black couple winning.. they’ve tried and overcome so much, it’s their age, and slowing the other teams down that I believe will ultimately have them eliminated. The young lady needs to be a little bit more respectful towards her mother. Most are only at their physical peak when younger and she needs to realize the strength she sees in her mother is an older version of herself. The buddies from Texas are a couple a real strong contestants especially the one doing this after having crushed his leg not so long ago. I really like this program, I’m a fan of Bear’s and the scenery and toned down vitriol makes this more enjoyable to watch. Good luck to all of them. I can’t say there’s one of them that hasn’t given it their all to this point.


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