Giants Linebacker Arrested at Airport

Dan Connor has become the latest NFL player to be arrested on weapons charges after carrying a switchblade in an airport.
Dan Connor has become the latest NFL player to be arrested on weapons charges after carrying a switchblade in an airport.

In what is becoming a daily occurrence, an NFL player has been arrested on a weapons charge. This time it was New York Giants Linebacker Dan Connor, who was arrested Saturday for carrying a switchblade in his luggage at a Philadelphia airport.

According to the USA Today, Connor was released today on his own recognizance after being charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. eastern time on Saturday when Connor was attempting to enter a terminal at the Philadelphia International Airport. A TSA officer spotted the switchblade in his luggage and reported it to local police.

Connor is the latest in a long line of arrests to football players this season. The most famous example is Aaron Hernandez, who was recently charged with murder. Other arrests include Jets Running Back Mike Goodson, who was arrested on gun charges earlier this off season.

Dan Connor is in his first year with the New York Giants, the linebacker spent his first five seasons with the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys. Through his career he has started 27 games, all in the last three seasons. He has a one year deal with the team, which could put him on thin ice with no-nonsense Coach Tom Coughlin heading into training camp.

According to New York Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon, team officials are aware of the situation and have contacted their newly signed linebacker, “who is cooperating with the authorities in Philadelphia.”

Although they NFL doesn’t have issues like referees stabbing players and then getting stoned to death, however the amount of legal trouble players have found themselves in this off season is troubling. Teams may have to begin to think twice before signing a player with a questionable past.

Connor knew he had “a great opportunity,” Connor said of signing with the Giants in a March press release from the team. “This is a class organization with a lot of tradition.”

After the newly signed linebacker was arrested for having a knife in an airport, Connor now has to hope he hasn’t blown his chance with the Giants before having a chance to take the field for the team.

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