Gold You Can Access for Untold Riches

Gold of a Higher Order
Everyone wants that buried treasure, to discovered the hidden gold that will have them set for life. Yet, many who have gone after riches and obtained them, still find that they crave something more, that ‘gold’ alone does not satisfy, nor fulfill an empty life. However, known throughout the ages is the mystical ‘philosopher’s stone’ the legendary elixir of life the alchemists were creating. By definition, alchemy has something to do with turning base metal to gold – but what if it wasn’t for riches of the material world? What if the alchemist’s gold was of a higher order and brought wealth untold, un-spendable by human hands by those who achieved it?  What if you could access this gold for experiencing untold riches in your life beyond cash?

Monoatomic Gold – history and benefits

Gold is a precious metal by the very fact that few possess it. In a way, the term alone is synonymous with wealth – as when one discover’s life’s ‘gold’ in any form, abundance has truly been found. Science knows of another gold, however, that proceeds the metal counterpart in formation and is known as monoatomic gold. This form of gold can be found in rich organic soil, pure spring water and even the tissues of our bodies. Monoatomic gold, also known as ORMUS molecules, have been recognized by those who have experimented with it, as the actual gold of the alchemist – the gold of a higher order.

Monoatomic gold can be created by incinerating actual gold, in fact, this is exactly what has been discovered in the ancient location known in the bible as Mt. Sinai. Archaeologists dug at this site only to unearth ancient incinerators filled with what is called ‘white gold powder’, another term for ORMUS or monoatomic gold. For sure this has raised a lot of controversy, and attempts to cover this information has certainly been rampant as it attempts to reveal, and to some challenge, ancient Christian teachings.  Through another set of eyes, however, this information could set millions free to realize the golden ‘manna’ for oneself and access today the ‘gold’ which can give each person untold riches beyond the physical plane.

In ancient texts which date back to the 3rd millennium BC, such as the Mount Serâbît reliefs in Sinai – they tell how “the Egyptian kings were ingesting the white manna of gold from around 2180 BC. However, only the metallurgical adepts of the mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen) knew the secret of its manufacture, and the ultimate High Priest of Memphis held the title of Great Artificer.

The “terminal enlightenment” (or, as the Greeks called it, the gnosis) was an ideal of perpetual quest. As against the physical body, one was also reckoned to have a “light body”, which similarly had to be fed so as to be nurtured and to grow. The “light body” was called the ka and, although essentially an intangible feature of life, it was said to remain active in the Afterlife. The food of the ka was light, which generated enlightenment, and the generative substance of light was the ‘mfkzt’ white powder of gold.

This ‘gold of a higher order’ makes one rich in the way of awareness, as it activates pineal functions, optimizes the endocrine glands, corrects DNA and is even thought to turn on ‘junk’ DNA, allowing the person ingesting the gold to function at a ‘higher consciousness.’ Modern alchemists who are creating this white gold substance have found that it possesses certain quantum properties such as levitation and bi-location, meaning – the molecules behave this way when isolated. Ingesting white gold has been scientifically proven to balance the hemispheres of the brain and induce alpha brain wave states similar to one who has been meditating or practicing martial arts for many years.  What are the implications of these findings?  What could eating white gold do for you?

‘Mystical’ properties

White gold powder acts as an amplifyer in the body/mind, propelling thoughts into physical manifestation like a transformer of energy into matter. It is recommended to ingest this substance with great care, as those with ‘negative’ thought forms would be more likely to create more of what they do not want while ingesting, rather than the opposite. This sounds science fiction, I know, but there are true scientific facts not too well known by many due to the great advancements individuals could be making in consciousness if ingested.

These ORMUS molecules are thought to be that which is ‘alive’ or ‘conscious’ in all things, the substance which causes plants and humans to grow or ‘aspire’ upwards. Also called ‘consciousness elements’ those who take this ‘gold of a higher order’ find their lives to change in ways previously indescribable. To those who we call spiritual saints and sages, it is known that the only true riches are those of a pure mind and heart. White gold powder helps cultivate these things. For in the state of ‘detachment’ from this world of form, one can realize they are rich beyond the material – no matter what is ‘manifesting’ around them. This is true freedom.

What if we are deficient in this substance?  David Hudson, who rediscovered ORMUS in the 1970’s (after Einstein did in the 20’s) says that roughly 5% of the dry matter of our nervous sytem is made up of these molecules.  The thing is, it is lost in urine, as are many vitamins, so if we are not taking it in, we don’t have it in enough abundance to notice it’s effects.  Once you begin to take white gold powder, after several days to a week, you can usually notice when you hit ‘saturation’ point as your perspective begins to noticeably alter.

In the quest for untold riches and accessing true abundance, perhaps we need look no further than the gold of the ancient alchemists – white gold, the gold of a higher order. In shifting our perception just a bit to journey into the realm of personal awareness, we just might reveal that which is beyond the monetary system and find ourselves rich beyond our wildest dreams. There is so much information available on ORMUS white gold powder out there, you just have to ‘dig’ a little. Here is an amazing audio interview with Raw Food king David Wolfe on the subject. Enjoy!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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