Google, Microsoft and Apple Represent the Evolutionary Nature of Reality

Google, Microsoft and Apple Represent the Evolutionary Nature of Reality
With civil war in Syria, conflict in Egypt and gun crime in the U.S.A, the world seems governed by the politics of hate. In 2013, the world struggles against the tide of dehumanization and tyrannical States. The media is the God of contemporary reality. As its subjects, we bow before its ideological hold and embrace the information it imparts, as though it were being offered with love. Big Brother is watching, but it is ok, he has a 50-inch screen and comes in 3D. Surely, its been said, but deserves repeating; Google, Microsoft and of course, Apple Inc. represent the evolutionary nature of contemporary reality.

The technological revolution presents in multitudinous forms. An inevitable consequence of historical forces, the revolution is not merely social and political but, also, ideological in nature. As the citizens of the post-imperialist age, we are wired differently from those in previous times. In the western world, we not only reproduce our own means of subsistence, but also consume the fruits of our labour and have time to email friends and drink wine.

Responding to super-cultural changes, contemporary popular culture offers an escape from a life, which often generates distress. Believing ourselves powerless to change or control our environment, we access media and cultural products, which satisfy our hidden desires to overcome. Computer games provide an outlet for the feelings of tension and stress, invoked by modern life; murder is legal, when the victim is a character on a TV or computer screen. We can exorcise our inner ghosts and emerge smiling, as though carefree, into the world beyond, as the appearance of Google, Microsoft and Apple exponentially impact the evolutionary nature of reality.

The creation of the World Wide Web has transformed both social reality and perception, bringing with it a new language and access to information hitherto concealed. Thus, modern man has received his/her education through dissociation from our roles as social beings. Identity is no longer purely a consequence of our relationship to labor but an amalgam of the products we consume. We learn about life by shutting it out, behind closed doors, searching for ultimate truths on Google.

In 2013, life is probably no easier or more difficult than it has ever been. However, the evolutionary nature of reality has meant that the demands of the modern world are different from those of yesteryear. Man has reacted by creating and devouring a culture, which, ostensibly, appears to contradict the harshness of the world of which it was born. However, this subversion is more conscious than it initially appears. Whilst anyone can dismiss popular culture as vacuous, creating it is more complex, even for technological giants like Microsoft and Apple. But of course, that the nature of reality no matter what time period one chooses to examine.


By Louise Hart

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