Google TV Streaming Reportedly in Works

Google Looks into Streaming Television Service

Google has been busy lately! Atop of new devices being rolled out, speculation around the tech field shows that Google is reportedly shopping for TV licensing. This would allow the tech super-house to provide cable-like channel packages over a broadband connection. The rise of streaming outlets like Netflix, Roku and Amazon Instant has piqued interest in Google to start looking in the avenue.

Earlier this summer, Google unveiled ‘All Access,’ a Google Play Music streaming service for non-stop tunes for its listeners. The user is able to create a playlist and listen on the go, while avoiding songs not desired. Google extended the services for the streaming music for a $9.99 per month subscription.

Google reportedly looking into streaming television should be of no surprise.  The success of the Google Play Music app has been downloaded by millions of followers. Subscribers can access Google’s 18 million  tracks for  plethora of genres.

Google has been formulating and creating new apps, more than a few times  month this year, thus far. The search engine favorite now allows users to alter their GMail options, such as sorting emails. Instead, of handling thousands of deals, offers and social notifications, Google opened a feature for users to route specific emails into labels to avoid a busy inbox.

Google Keep was also announced earlier this year, allowing consumers the opportunity to save ideas and organize memo lists and ‘to-do’ lists right from their phone. The Google app was aimed at personal devices, as government workers were shunned from the experience.

Google Apps for Business rolled out, providing a wealth of features and accessibility of business services. Users in the office or during travel can store any extension of file desired. The only hiccup of these introductory apps was located on the Google Apps for Business, where integration continues to be ironed out.

Google is providing a fantastic outlet of selection and now they are considering moving into the streaming television service. This can do wonderful things for their branding. Netflix has seen the results first hand of streaming services. The largest streaming movies database has added 3 million new customers in the first quarter of 2013. In addition, the company has reached the $1 billion dollar mark for the first time ever during the first quarter of 2013.

Netflix first entered the world of movies with the DVD roll-out, an initiative that took the country by storm. It is also credited for putting storefronts like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, out of business.  Currently, with the increase of streaming trends, it has less than 8 million customers still on the DVD plan.

Google can learn a lot from Netflix. The disc and streaming giant paved ways for watching television differently and most importantly, affordably. Customers could order a DVD or three and have them arrive in less than 2 days. The customer would receive a pre-paid disc holder to send back and this process birthed a new technologicalr evolution.

That revolution spawned Netflix streaming and devices like the Roku II. The Roku II promises to replace the need for cable by allowing customers to access their paid subscriptions like Netflix, HuluPlus or Exercise TV for an affordable monthly rate.

Now Google is stepping into the idea box and considering a move into the television streaming market. Google TV’s are sitting collecting dust for many customers. If Google does find a buyer from the reports hitting the web, that can spell trouble for Netflix and Amazon. With the name of Google behind the stream ability, more initial companies may open their doors to connect channel licensing to one of the largest tech companies in the industry.

Angelina Bouc

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  1. Andy   July 18, 2013 at 7:43 am

    TV streaming? Interesting. I don’t think I’d want to pay for that though.. I’m using Torch Music and I’m really happy with it and it’s free! It’ll be difficult to convince me to pay for a music streaming service now.


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