Grover Norquist is a Lobbyist and an Enemy of the People


Who is Grover Norquist?  He calls himself a ‘conservative activist,’ but what he actually is, is a right wing lobbyist.  Once again, he is displaying the fact that he needs attention, and that his goals and ambitions make him an enemy of the people.

Norquist is what is wrong with America.  He’s all about the money.  Lobbyists become wealthy by bribing Congress to vote the way the companies and organizations who pay them, want them to.  Their loyalty is to their bank accounts, and not to the American people.

He gained fame by coercing Republicans to act in the same manner as Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning, and renounce their oaths of office in favor of an oath to him.  He cajoled them into swearing an oath of “no new taxes.”  In reality, what he was accomplishing was a prevention of his ridiculously wealthy clients being forced to pay their fair share.  In other words, insuring there would be no revocation of Bush’s tax cuts for the one percent.

He told Newsmax today:  “Ouch. This is not the president’s critics saying his plan sucks,” asserted Norquist, in an exclusive telephone interview from England on Tuesday. “This is the president saying ‘my plan sucks. If you knew what was in it you wouldn’t like it. So I’m going to delay pieces of what’s in it.’”

What he was referring to was the postponement of the requirement of the Affordable Care Act that all businesses with 50 or more employees would be forced to provide health insurance for them, or pay a penalty.

The business world came out in support of the President today.  The one-year postponement will give businesses an opportunity to better understand the wording of the requirement, its options, and plan for its implementation.  The move will change the effective date from January, 2014, to January 2015.

He went on to claim that health care will hurt Democrat’s chances is 2014.  (Has he been in a cave the last few months?)

“So they keep putting the pain off hoping to get past one more election,” Norquist explained. “If the premise was good they’d be up there bragging ‘this is great. Everybody wants this. It’s going to be good. You should be happy. Everybody’s happy.’”

First of all if they took a favorability poll of how Americans view lobbyists, they are the only ones who would have a lower rating than that of Congress, which is at an almost unbelievable 10 percent.

Secondly, Republican policies regarding immigration, same-sex marriage, and women’s rights are in a worse position than they were in 2012.  Republicans are the ones who may lose even more seats in 2014.

Norquist, who is also a Newsmax contributor, said the rollout of Obamacare has been politicized from the start.

“The whole timing of healthcare implementation was political where the pain was supposed to come after the (presidential) election,” he said.

“Why was the whole thing not structured to take place all at once? Well certain things were done at the beginning and other things were done later — and the pain was done later,” he said.

“What this does is it delays it until after the next election or at least delays it now, and they’ll delay it again for a year.”

Norquist said the Obama administration should have faced the fact that the healthcare law is unworkable.

“If you realized it wasn’t going to work you’d end it,” he said. “So they’ve delayed for a year something they think is a problem.”

Norquist added, “it certainly sounds as if it’s pulling a brick out of the bottom of what’s supposed to be a house, and seeing the house come down.”

Politicized?  Maybe so.  Everything that is done in Washington is for political reasons.  If the G.O.P. would have worked with Democrats to pass health care for all Americans, instead of continually attempting to repeal it, both sides would have been winners.

When the American people begin to listen to lobbyists, our government better begin seeking asylum.

The health care law is not perfect.  If it were a ‘single payer’ system it would have been twice as effective.  But politicians labeled it ‘socialism,’ and that would be bad, or would it.

My cousin lives in Canada.  She was born in Washington State, and loves the life and benefits of a country which puts its people first.  Socialism simply means that the working class takes part in the benefits of living in a wealthy nation.  The problem now is, that only a small percentage of American citizens live in a wealthy country.  Most of our people are two paychecks from being homeless.

People such as Grover Norquist want the attention of the American people.  They need to spew their un-American lies, and prove that they are enemies of the American people.

Alfred James reporting

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