HBO Scoop Forget About Game Of Thrones

New Series on The HBO Horizon

HBO scoop forget Game of Thrones

An inside scoop from HBO today. This might temporarily make you forget about Game Of Thrones. (We might be kidding ourselves, because nothing can replace Game of Thrones, or can it?) There are new series on the HBO horizon who are going to try to do just that. Game of ‘Air time’ can commence soon. The series aren’t all a done deal yet and might be cancelled right out of the broadcasting gate, but it does look promising. Lets have a look at some of the contenders:

  • To start of our list with a big bang: there might be a follow-up to “The Wire.” It won’t be set in Baltimore and it isn’t so much about the drug/police world, but more about two detectives who have been hunting a serial killer in Louisiana for over seventeen years. Then what might the connection be with epic series “The Wire?” apparently it is a cross between that series and Deadwood. (Sounds quite riveting, doesn’t it?) In addition Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will star as the two detectives on this series. Nic Pizzolatto, the writer, wanted to say something about the new series, but not too much of course. He claims that it will be like a two-man play, and it will be switched up every season and focus on different characters, new settings and a new crime. Definitely one to watch. It might not be enough to forget about Game of Thrones but it certainly deserves a chance.
  • Another scoop is that King Of The Hill will be back, not so much as is, but the people behind this marvelous animated comedy are in the midst of creating a TV Series about Silicon Valley. It will be an odd mix of stand-up comedians portraying hackers, engineers and software developers. A lot of details are kept from us for now, but they did want to say this: “the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success”.
  • Michael Lannan’s eight-minute short film Lorimer, which is set in San Francisco and is about a trio of thirty-something gay men, has been picked up to be transformed into a HBO original TV series. Michael will write the script and it will be produced by David Marshall Grant. (We remember his name from the series: Brothers and Sisters.) Johathan Groff will play one of the gay men. You might recognize Groff, if you like “Glee.” On that show Jonathan portrayed Jesse, the boy who seduced Lea Michele’s character and wanted to win the regionals so badly.

The scoop is that all of three of these shows are slated to air in 2014. As mentioned before however, it is not always a sure thing. Which of these three would you really like to watch, and which should we forget about? Do they have potential or do you think they should not produce these series but instead focus on the popular ones, like Game Of Thrones? Let us know in the comments.

By Georgina Pijttersen



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