Health Report -No More Glasses or Contact Lenses

No more glasses no more contacts
Have you been wearing glasses or contact lenses for years to help you see better? What if you no longer had to? Would you gladly give up your glasses and contacts to go back to the full function of your naked eyes? Well, there’s hope! Studies and personal experiments all over the globe have proven that incorporating regular specific eye exercises along with herbal nutrition can not only strengthen the eyes, but also potentially help the eyes recover from even more serious conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. Health reports are in – you too can be free and declare – ‘no more glasses or contact lenses!’

One woman out of Salt Lake City, Utah, gave up her contact lenses of 30 years for the occasional visit to reading glasses after regularly exercising her eyes and washing them out with an herbal formula consistently for several months. Many many people across the country and the world have reversed their vision disorders by dedicating as few as 15 minutes per day to eye care. One woman who threw away her glasses comments: “I discovered we don’t need glasses or lenses at all. In fact, they actually make your eyesight worse!”  It’s true, the eyes begin to use the lenses and glasses as a crutch instead of staying at optimal (and optical) performance.

So how do you do it?  Here are three simple protocols to follow in order to improve your vision.  Soon you too can find yourself with no more glasses or contact lenses!

Eye Exercises

Just like any other muscle in the body, the eyes need to be exercised in order to keep them working at peak performance.  A simple exercise to do is to find a spot outside, rest the eyes by closing them and then follow these steps:

  1. gaze at something far away, then something near to you.  Far, near, far, near. (just like Sesame Street)
  2. take your gaze only- off to the far right, then back to the middle; now far left and back to the middle
  3. now look up to the top of your eyes, keeping the head straight, return gaze to the center; to the bottom, back to center
  4. find the corners of your eyes, one at a time, returning to the center between each vertical point
  5. now circle the eyes to the right while breathing in, and to the left while breathing out

This set of five exercises can be repeated up to ten times each. every morning and evening – or whenever you think of it.

Here is a great, short video on yoga for the eyes:

Candle Gazing

Another very strong practice for improving the eyes comes from India and is known as Trataka – or still point gazing. This technique is discussed in detail, along with its benefits in a previous article entitled Super Moon Gazing, as you can practice this method using various focal points, such as the moon, a spot on the wall, a crystal – the best one for the eyes being a candle flame.  By lighting a standing candle, one where you can easily see the flame, set the candle one arms length distance from your body so the flame rests at the height of your forehead, approximately.  Now you are set up.

This practice works best in a darkened room where there is no other light interfering with the glow of the candle, so night time is ideal.  Stare into the flame at the space just above the wick for as long as you can without blinking, until the tears are about to come.  The tears signify a cleansing response in the eyes, but don’t allow them to strain.  Now close the eyes and continue to stare at the after-image of the candle in the dark space behind your closed eyes until it disappears.  Go back and forth between external trataka and internal trataka for 5-10 minutes, or even just several rounds – depending on how much free time you have.

Trataka can rapidly improve vision, clear up cataracts and other eye disorders – as well as all around strengthening of the eyes.  This technique increases clarity of vision both in the eyes and in the mind.  From the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Swatmarma:

 Trataka eradicates all eye diseases, fatigue and sloth and closes the doorway creating these problems… Trataka benefits not only the eyes but a whole range of physiological and mental functions. It is therapeutic in depression, insomnia allergy, anxiety, postural problems, poor concentration and memory.

Herbal Remedies

Several herbs are absolutely delicious for the eyes, working to improve the health of the capillaries and blood vessels of the entire optical system.  One such herb is eyebright, and just like it’s name, it improves the overall ‘brightness’ of the eyes and the way one can perceive through them.  Other great herbs for the eyes are bilberry, red raspberry, bayberry and cayenne.  For problems resulting from bacterial infections such as glaucoma and cataracts, golden seal root can be a great help.  Some companies place many of these herbs together in a formula you can either swallow, or wash the eyes with (the preferred method).

To perform an herbal eye wash, simply obtain an ‘eye cup’ or use a medicine cup (one of those tiny ones), fill half up with boiled water.  Add a few drops of herbal eyebright tincture to the hot water (allowing any alcohol from the extract to burn off) then fill the cup up with cold water – to make a lukewarm blend.  Close your eye and bring the cup up over that eye to seal.  Stand up (usually over a sink in case there is leakage), and open your eye into the cup, moving it around a bit to expose the entire eye ball to the concoction.  Repeat every day.

Cayenne pepper, mentioned in the above paragraph as a remedy, may come as a shock to some of you.  This potent stimulating herb is included in at least one very good eyewash blend for good reason.  Cayenne stimulates the mucous membranes to excrete – allowing the eye to rid itself of harmful tissue or bacteria.  It may feel a bit irritated at first, after using a mixture containing cayenne, but guaranteed, this will change after a time or two – and you’ll likely love it instead!

Internalizing the same herbs you are washing your eyes with is a great way to support visual improvement.  If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor about the eye-strengthening herbs you would like to take to make sure they do not interfere.

You too can have no more glasses or no more contact lenses by trying out some of these amazing eye strengthening exercises and tricks and be part of the growing self-empowered health report.  Then you can tell your friends to get rid of their glasses – our eyes were made to see!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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