House of Cards a Netflix Winner with Emmy Nod

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What do you get when you mix a streaming movie powerhouse, Kevin Spacey, sex, power and politics? Well, a nomination from one of the most elite awards shows in Hollywood. The Netflix political drama,  ‘House of Cards’  scored major power points for Netflix by becoming the first exclusive streaming show to earn an Emmy nomination for the ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ category.

In addition, to the show receiving this nod, its lead actors, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright earned a nomination for best actor and actress. Shows like HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ remains a contender, and it’s expected HBO will make more than a few appearances on the nominations list.

While some channels like FX and HBO are expected to lead some nominations and wins, Netflix showing an Emmy nomination presence may cause a stir of interest to cable subscribers.  House of Cards  premiered February 1, of this year. It surrounds the life of ‘Frank Underwood’ (Spacey) a Democrat from South Carolina’s fifth Congressional District. Spacey’s character turns to revenge once he is passed over for the Secretary of State appointment.  Married to ‘Kata Mara’ (Wright) the couple live an infidelity, promiscuous and deceitful riddled life. It of course turns into good television.

On top of  House of Cards,  Netflix continued making history by earning nominations for ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Hemlock Grove.’  Season one of  House of Cards  ended in a cliffhanger many fans are hungry for. Season two is currently in filming and fans are anxiously waiting for the release. Recently, ‘The New Black is Orange’ was released with rave reviews.

Netflix was founded in 1997 and created a new way of rentals by mail. The  selection of DVD services happened for the United States, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland. In 2011 Netflix enjoyed a reap of the highest level of streaming subscribers. After the company released its ‘Fitness’ category in 2012 and announced an increase in fees, the company quickly rushed to save the 88 percent fall of consumer interest.

Pricing was reduced and Netflix started rolling out their ‘streaming TV network service’ that competes with cable television and network television.  During the last quarter of 2012, streaming services began to outpace cable services. Companies like Netflix and Hulu, welcomed defected cable subscribers. The only barrier streaming services run into are sports channels. Dish TV still runs the show on providing expansive sports subscriptions for consumers. Time will tell if sports licensing will eventually reach the streaming powerhouses.

The success of Netflix has been watched by Hulu and Amazon, each of the streaming providers are now currently in the works of producing their own original shows to share with subscribers. With a simple HDMI cord, Xbox, Wii or Roku device– millions of users are cutting the cable cord and converting to affordable television. Hulu and Netflix charges $7.99 to $9.99 monthly.

With shows like  House of Cards  becoming leaders for the streaming services in the first season of release, issues a further hit against cable. The public expects HBO’s engorged pocketbook to earn some wins. Netflix is the ‘Cinderella’ story behind the Emmy’s curtain this year.

Angelina Bouc

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