Hurricane Erick Storms Up Mexico’s Pacific Coast [video]

Life After the Storm


s_s01_RTR39QFUThe U.S. National Hurricane Center said that Tropical storm Erick, which formed today in the East Pacific, has strengthened to the level of hurricane, and it is approaching  the northwestern coast of Mexico. The hurricane is moving toward the northwest at about 15 km per hour, with the wind force of about 110 km per hour.

Eric is the fifth tropical storm that formed since the beginning of the season, and National Hurricane Center has, on Thursday night, issued a warning for the northwestern region of Mexico, from Lazaro Cardenas to Manzanillo.

Mexico’s national weather service has recommended the coastal population of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacan, Colima and Jalisco get ready for torrential rains, powerful waves, flooding, landslides and strong winds.

Hurricanes have the power to destroy whole towns in one sweep. They tear up buildings, uproot trees, cause cars and animals to fly with wondrous speed through the air. Even if people don’t live in an area that is regularly affected by the power of a hurricane, it seems that hurricanes have lost all sense of boundaries and are now affecting localities that had only read about hurricanes. Now these same localities are being forced, even if on a small scale, to experience the effects of a hurricane.

Storms come and storms go, and sadly they often leave only remains of what once was. The one thing that a storm or hurricane can’t do is take with it a person’s hope. Hope is something that can’t be taken it has to be given away. So as Mexico and the surrounding areas, brace themselves for what may prove to be a devastating event the one thing that needs to be protected by all in the eye of the storm is their hope.

One of many traits solely experienced by humanity, is that of hope. In fact, hope is also an emotion rooted in both a physical and spiritual understanding. When people maintain hope, they participate in an audacious expectation that, no matter what is currently happening, they don’t have to stay there. Hope has moved people from intensive care to recovery, slaves to freedom and inner city children to the ivy halls of the country’s elite universities. It’s no wonder the one commodity that seems to be constantly under attack is the health and well-being of a person’s hope. When you think of it, everything that they endure is seeking to erode the foundation of hope they are trying to build upon.

At some point in life everyone gets hit by some type of storm. The problem is not that they end up there, but what does one do to rise out of it. Sometimes a person just can’t change what happens, but they can control how they respond. Here are three steps you can use to get out of any dumpster you fall into:

  1. Get a good view of what has taken place: Many times people keep returning to the same storms in their life because they have not embraced how bad it really was. Get a good view of the devastation. This is important so next time they feel like quitting, or going backwards, they will remember the horror of that what they saw.
  2. Make the decision to accept the change right now: As was stated previously, one cannot help that they got there. But before they devise an action plan, assess their support system, or think of a comeback plan, decide if they are staying or leaving. Sometimes, before the storm even hits they have already made up their mind that it’s the end. People would be surprised to be aware of how many survivors have not made up their mind to JUST GET UP! Nothing elaborate, just get their feet under their butt and push!
  3. Always grab a souvenir: As people are leaving their place of confinement, grab something that will always be a reminder that they were there. It’s not as important that they leave a mark as it is they take one with them. Crazy as it sounds, in every storm is a life lesson that not only keeps one clear but will be valuable to others they end up meeting. People should tell their ‘hurricane’ stories, and never ever be ashamed of them. After all, others have been there as well.

Don’t waste energy going about parading in a ‘mask’ that everything is great, others know the real deal. Most often this happens because people were never taught the true process towards success. There is no straight line into one’s destiny. It is filled with twists and turns. As people travel, they will be hurt, delayed and disappointed. Storms will come. The real test is, who will have the guts to embrace their storm, get up and start the process of getting over it; keep moving until where they stand is the place of their dreams.

The world remembers how some of the worst storms, such as Katrina and more recently Sandy, totally destroyed entire communities. One thing is sure; the fact that communities have joined together to rebuild indicates the storm didn’t take everything. So as the rains began to fall, winds start to blow, and trees start to sway, make sure if all else is overtaken by the storm that hope does not fall prey to the horrid conditions. Hope will be the foundation on which the community must start the rebuilding process.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia Beach, VA)

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